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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


We are finally seeing a little sunshine today as we have had rain for the last week almost. I don't mind rain but we had flooding which is hard on so many folks.

My DH who is trying to recover from his back surgery has been sidelined with the crud going around. He never got out to go walking except once to Orr Park in Montevallo which we enjoy going to. I get slowed down looking at my feet is how I walk mainly because I don't want to fall on uneven ground. But, I find a whole other world of small nature that overwhelms me. With all the rain we have so many mushrooms growing and the trees are losing their bark along with acorns and pine cones. I need a bucket to carry with me as I collect so much stuff. Their I am again, Collecting stuff, I just can't help it, But, I love it!

I bring home the moss on tree limbs, stones, nuts, leaves, etc. I love fall as well as spring! I will be so glad when he gets some strength to be able to get out again. Two weeks is along time for him to be on the sofa and who knows how many Law and Orders show re-runs he has seen.

I have been trying to tidy the house and get some listings done, a never ending job.
There is always more to do. I also on the last trip their took my glass to the re-cycle bin on the Montevallo campus. I am so glad to have found a place to take it beside going downtown. We do have curbside paper and 1-2 plastic picked up in a separate bin from our everyday trash which I am grateful for. I just really hate to fill our trash can with more than can discard ( I am trying to spell ( dis-in-er-grate) but spell checker cannot find this as a word. I even got a new-old dictionary as my last thrift shopping. I started looking for a French Dictionary and have found several so decided I also need one for myself in English. It is really for scrapping with my mixed media, but I cannot bring myself to take pages out yet. I am using it! I need to use it with a magnifier also! LOL, Smiles!

I am really rambling on today. I need to be up on my feet and outside straightening our deck. I had to return the cool fountain as it did not drip the water as it should and it was more of an aggravation than a pleasure. I also want to string some lights around a chandelier I got (thrift of course).

Blu likes to be outside so much he crys at the back door and we finally did let him out Sunday only to be brought home by my neighbores, He was in their back yard and they were afraid he would get lost down in the woods toward the quarry. SO, no more outside for him. Blak was pretty good about staying on the porch to not get wet in the rain. They love watching the hummingbirds we are being flooded with as they are continous visitors on their way to go south for the winter.

I really am going for the questionable words today. I wish everyone a Fabulous Day!
Smiles, Cyndi


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Wishes, hopes and prayers for you and your husband to regain strength and balance!

We had to put a bunch of lattice up on the patio to keep my wandering kitty corralled part of the time. He wants to run free (he was feral before we rescued him) and it is very dangerous. Another kitty we have wears a harness outside and this will sound awful, but it's tied to a small brick and he can pull it around a bit -- he gets to be outside but can't jump the fence.

Scribadiva said...

You reminded me why I signed up with Etsy. Also, I like what you did with the APF email. I got mine today, and was debating what I can do. I can certainly post the whole email, so thank you! I will be emailing everyone, so you may receive another copy, but I'll try to remember you don't need it. I love your blog. Wish you both good health, and may you swim in Sweet Tides, scribadiba

Thistle Cove Farm said...


please forgive if I've told you before but Sambucol is what's good for the epizootics. With all the flu going around, it's a good thing to have some on hand. Also, elderberry extract, a quart makes either 1/2 gallon or 1 gallon... can't remember -smile-...but it's a good immune builder. I take it several times a year and drink as juice.