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Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Columbus Day and How to have Sterile Hands

Happy Columbus Day and Happy Birthday to our Beloved Megan who passed May 2008. Doggie Blessings to you and thanks for sending Emma to us.

Many thanks for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. We go back to the Dr who sent him to the hospital this afternoon and I can't wait to show her the sores. The back one's are very hard to heal and I AM keeping all things sanitary when working with them. They showed me at the hospital how to wash and dry with paper towels and then use paper towel to turn off faucet. That was a new one for me. But, Kool idea. I guess you know that with food working. I am not a cook at all, so we are getting by. I usually clean up his mess after he cooks our meals. He is feeling much better today, better than the last 30 days combined. GREAT! But taking it easy and slow to keep progress.

The home health nurse gave us a wound cleanser kit and I have been using it. Even use the wet/dry method last night to see if will pull the pus gunk out, but I see a big hole coming under it.

Oh, he just handed me frozen waffles and scrambled eggs. Oh La la!

Okey, Back to how to BE STERILE when around an ill family member or friend. Wash your hands with antibacterial soap on both hands, wash good! Clean under nails with brush or cut them! The infectious disease doctor told me to cut mine as they were just little tips since a week at hospital. I break them at home too much to get long.

Do not turn off faucet and dry with paper towels, there is no lint on them like a regular towel and WITH the paper towels turn off faucet and touch nothing.

Get sterile moist pad to wipe off whatever you are going to be touching on the patient. Administer to patient or just to have a sterile hand to do whatever.

Point is dry hands with paper towel and then TURN OFF WATER!

Don’t get to aggressive with the fingernail brush, like you see on TV. I broke my hand top skin with one that is much to hard I suppose. Now I have a couple of cuts to heal myself.

Smiles, Cyndi

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