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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Climate Change Blog Action Day tomorrow

Blog Action Day is this Thursday, October 15! Tomorrow

We're excited to report that more than 5000 bloggers have already registered from 126 countries, with more signing up each day.

If you haven't registered yet, it is not too late. Sign up here:

Get your thoughts together for this day!

I also wanted to say Bob is feeling much better, He still is on the sofa with not much energy but Feeling Better, we are finally getting the IV changes down to a science with us sharing duties to start and stop them. We also saw his Primary Dr and she started a Debried agent RX fir the wounds that are covered with gunk still and this will make that gunk go away and then to health red skin I pray. We go see his surgeon today so we will see. I love him and can't wait to see him actually.

I wanted to share a funny memory I had this week when reading Pennewigs's blog, I adore her and she has the happiest blog always! She also makes the most beautiful Colonial Earbobs for her Etsy Shop, check her out!

Anyway, She was giving away a crow on her blog and it made me remember one day near Christmas back in the 90's when My brother sent me a Christmas gift through the mail as we were unable to go over the mountains and through the woods to be home for Christmas that year.

I was opening the box to put the gift under our Christmas Tree and I reached in and felt a velvet something which I thought might be a handbag or something while also being surprised I did not find a wrapped box to put under the tree. Well, I reached in to pull it out of the box and it turned out to be a stuffed duck he had done taxidermy on. He was sharing his great find with me and it scared the gizzards out of me. It flew thru the air as I flipped it out of my hands and I screamed to where my family upstairs came running. What is wrong? Then I finally after gasping abit could laugh at myself. It really frightened me! I adore seeing wildlife in it's own habitat but, not in my hands.

I finally had my husband put it on the top shelf of our bookcases where it could be seen but not touched. It was a beautiful black duck that did feel like velvet, I even forget the name at the moment and I suppose someone found it in a box at out estate auction after 911 happened. I just hope they saw it before sticking their hands down in the box.

Smiles, Cyndi

1 comment:

Dani said...

you have heard that global warming and the climate change has been debunked, haven't you? the earth is actually getting cooler and the polar bear population has risen, it was all on the news last week...Al Gore has alot to answer for