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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I love my New Background!

I am doing alittle housekeeping as always but this time, here on my blog. I adore this lighter look! I am not very good at Banner making so I will have to feel that part out for abit. My friend Cora of Hidden Riches, Secret Places helped me with the moon and stars with Primative house which I love and I cherish it.

Maybe I need an old prairie farmhouse with the moon and stars, I will look around. So many blogs are just beautiful when I visit and I am enchanted when visiting them. I can just click from one to another to see new bloggers. I usually log on while having my morning coffee and just wander around.

I love my music too, so far I have not tired of it when here, after all, I guess I picked it out anyway. I have had several inquiries to my friend Mary who I posted about last week in her first chemo treatment. I suppose she had her second one yesterday as she will every Monday for 4 more weeks. And she is hoping to be able to travel back to the river house to continue the rest. The drive to treatment there is about the same here except she will have much more beautiful scenery to see in the mountains of North Carolina. I know I love driving anywhere up there.

My dear husband is to also have a second back surgery to remove the hardware from the first and we both hope this takes his pain away. He has had problems going back to an eight hour work day and he wants to get much better. I would have just dog-sat here at my house with Abby and Maggie for that and then maybe traveled to the mountains for his recovery also. It is amazing what the river can do for your soul!

I found a couple of new blogs this morning Raised In Cotton" which also took me to "Curious Sofa", and I know I have many of the magazine they have been published in as I collect magazines till my house is full to the brim, along with my art materials! I guess it could be full of worse things. I also hope to visit their shop in Kansas City, MO. one time when I return to Missouri where I grew up in Springfield to see my family. We also lived in Lenexa, KS. right on the border of MO/KS also while my husband changed jobs. We both loved it there. The Plaza downtown was a beautiful place to go on the weekends so see the fountains. We also loved to go to Parkville, MO, another quaint small town close to KC full of antique shops but I have another kind of love for them now.

Wow, the sun is rising and it is so damp outside, my newly cleaned windows are so foggy I can't see outside. I know my little frogs outside love it. Our cat, Blu was on the tippy top of the wicker chair trying to see them in the transom window. They were hopping around up there and I can hear them now.

We may get rain later today and the humidity is off the scale again. We have been re-doing the back porches again the last couple of weeks. I hope it gets cool enough to enjoy them and I will show photos as I can. Well, I have to take them first.(grins)

Well, I haveing a good start to today, now I need to get to listing more merchandise in my Bonanzle shop, frstyfrolk's Boutique. I listed some ski bibs last night and forgot to take photos of one pair that I found a very nice deal on several, they look fine and barely used as I get pre-owned clothing when I find great deals. Oh the memories they send me back to, our Colorado ski trips were amazing. I cherish those memories! we used to go alot with our frequent flier miles my husband earned when traveling. Now those photos I would have to scan as I have albums full. I did upload to my flicker account some of our Washington State memories over the weekend.
Our sweet Jordan and Megan were young dogs then but they had already had their ten puppies. Oh, more memories I can conjour up in my head and I have in albums.

As I say, Make memories because no one can take them away!
Smiles, Cyndi

1 comment:

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I really, really like that background. It reminds me of toile fabric and I am very much into toile lately (years after everyone else, LOL)! The blue reminds me of autumn skies.

Gosh, I'd love to see a frog again. I haven't seen a frog in 7 years now. Of course, we have horned toads...and many geckos, they are cute! Our cats love watching them walk up and down the window screens...they are pink and white polka-dots...

Yes! Scan some of those pictures! I ought to do the same!