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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Vintage Thursday


Here is a photo I put together one evening while sending to the Fairy Zine. The Victorian lady was a centerpiece at my Mother's China painting convention in the 1970's, the doilies and buttons, soap holder, fairy light, Victorian book,lipstick holder, Limoges chair and jewelry, are from antique stores and auctions, the soap is a present to me from Italy when I dog-sat.

Just some things I love!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cora, This award is for you!

I award this to Cora, of Hidden Riches, Secret Places as she is encountering the fight of her life and with such grace and strength. SHe has been DX with breast Cancer in the last month and is having her Bone Scan today. She sees her Doctor on Monday for the results of her Cat scan yesterday and Bonce San today.

We all pray that she is on the mend since starting to take a pill a day to attack her foreign body and will be getting treatment once the tumor size shrinks.

Blessings, Cyndi


I have had trouble writing this is why it is a couple of weeks now after the service we had for my Female Golden Retriever of 10 years Megan, and her daughter of 8 years Ally. Ally lived part of the year at the Hiawassee River and loved to swim and play in the water so much. Megan was afraid to get in deeper than her feet could touch, but every morning first thing as the doors opened she headed for the River to just sit in it and watch the Geese and Mallards the last trip up. This was the first and
last time we have seen the mallards but the Geese are always there. It is so nice at night to leave the screen doors open and listen to the Geese arrive and leave during the night and to wake up to in the mornings. Ally and (Maggie, her sister) love the water and then run and play in the yard area. I called it the Happy Dance!
sigh, I am crying again, it just never stops, they will always be in my heart.
A Mother ands her Daughter!

We have the pleasure of dog-sitting Ally so we kept up with this grand-dog of ours. She stayed with us and we traveled to their home as a vacation for us.

We felt when they passed on as I have written about their illnesses before here, they would love to be at peace in the river they both so much loved. So, it was planned and we had the service for them July 16, 2008.

We had friends at the river gather and attend the service performed with Rev. Dr. James A. Johnson officiating. After his service we blessed the dogs ashes with our love by throwing White Roses and Rose Petals in the river for the Rose is a Symbol of
"Love that Never Ends"! We also tossed in wild flowers as the Indians do for their Wild Spirit and their Pure Love of Nature. We are so honored to have had them love us and grace us with their presence so generously.
We will always remember them!

Two Balloons

White Rose

Tuesday, after a good night sleep


Here is Queen Maggie, I call her that because she is the elder female and a Delta Society Dog which means she visits nursing homes, as a Therapy Dog with a calm, soothing, attitude. Nothing bothers her. I think she is glad my dog Emma is bugging her sister Abby and leaving her alone for awhile. Abby has grown so much since I saw her for the first time at the river earlier this month. She is taller than Jordan now and slept outside a crate last night on her bed.

Here is sister Abby

Emma and Abby

They are back at it again this morning after breakfast and Abby's ears are wet form Emma's slober on her/ They think it is great fun to romp and play on the sofa, that is why it is leather, smiles, ! This is a dog house! They will play outside this morning but yesterday my back yard thermometer said 103 degrees so they will not play outside in the heat later today. They sure loved the river! Here are some of that a couple of weeks ago.

Wow, Time Flys!

I have been so busy this past week, I HAD to GET the COKE things listed on Ebay so I can move on and get Daisy fixed up! SO, that is what I spent the weekend doing. I do have alot out there to see on ebay now, but I still have two big Boxes here to list this week also. I also have a new supplier for Pet Products and they are FABULOUS!

Abby and Maggie came from N.C. this evening to visit and the girls have not stopped playing since they came, Boy, I hope they sleep well tonight! Sweet Maggie is just lying here touching my feet and Jordan is trying to follow Abby around as he wants to " Check her out" My Boy has got to stop those hormones" and follow his head instead.
That is what I tell Barkley when he comes to see Emma. Now most of you know I am talking about my Two Golden Retrievers and my Grandog Barkley. The girls visiting are Abby and Maggie.

Abby and my new young puppy Emma are 3 months apart. Abby is alittle older but they are playing like two young puppys I guess, because they Are! Wowo, the energy!

They are running circles around here and are panting. Break for the ice water.
Ohhh, Time out! Yummm....

At last, a moment of heavy breathing. Rest!

Now, I can get back to my thoughts of Cora today as she had her first scan test for her breast cancer. It is really hard to write those words.

Yes, and now she is starting to be able to DO Something about it. She is now taking a pill everyday to shrink whatever is there and the Dr's are just now testing to find the involvment. I ask everyone who passes through here to please say a Prayer for her for strength and a good recovery. IT has been so hard since she had her mamogram and waiting for the red tape to get scheduled for these tests. A cat scan today and a Bone Scan tomorrow. I wish her well tomorrow also.

Thank goodness My DH has an off day tomorrow, but I am sure they will settle down after 8-9 hours of sleep, I hope.

I visited Dani's blog, she is invpolved in a sale with a Craft Group and she has several pages of books for embroidery, She is so talented. Naomi made a pin-keep Bird on a wire for an auction for Breast Cancer. Penny has many prim dolls made, she is now doing itty-bittys. Lea always has an apron going and Linda has given her daughter a Big 3rd Birthday Party. She is an adorable little girl. And Cora is making her angel hankeys by the dozens. Now Cyndi needs to get busy oon a project off the computer with her mixed media art.

See them at work here , Glad Tidings Blog of my sisters
Goodnight, smiles, cyndi