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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday, after a good night sleep


Here is Queen Maggie, I call her that because she is the elder female and a Delta Society Dog which means she visits nursing homes, as a Therapy Dog with a calm, soothing, attitude. Nothing bothers her. I think she is glad my dog Emma is bugging her sister Abby and leaving her alone for awhile. Abby has grown so much since I saw her for the first time at the river earlier this month. She is taller than Jordan now and slept outside a crate last night on her bed.

Here is sister Abby

Emma and Abby

They are back at it again this morning after breakfast and Abby's ears are wet form Emma's slober on her/ They think it is great fun to romp and play on the sofa, that is why it is leather, smiles, ! This is a dog house! They will play outside this morning but yesterday my back yard thermometer said 103 degrees so they will not play outside in the heat later today. They sure loved the river! Here are some of that a couple of weeks ago.

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