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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Simply Kind Tuedays

I was in the Salvation Army Store after my Dr. Appt. yesterday and I always go there to look for books. I always leave with a box full too it seems! I found a cute photo in a frame that says it all, so I will get a photo of it to show here. ( See above)

I also wanted to tell you today that I finally got my dreamed of banner for my etsy store that carries vintage items. It is frstyfrolk's shoppe and I welcome you to come see it. I am adding new vintage items almost daily as I am cleaning up my home and garage.

Meanwhile, remember to pass some kindness along to someone today! I have an overdue Library book, But is hard for me to read in the time limit the libraries give you, It is hard for me as I read so slow and spend way to much time on the computerwith selling sites and social networks. I also check out magazines to read, they are so expensive today!

So, read a book and compliment someone with kindness today!
Smiles, cyndi

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