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Friday, December 12, 2008

Moving Day for Daisy

So much Drama I feel lately! I am moving things around and have a complete tornado look through my house. I took Daisy( My 1963 Shasta travel trailer) to a Lot in Helena today to be parked. I miss her so, even though she was just in the driveway, but I could go visit and work on making her mine whenever I could. But, I know I will not ne doing any work on her till after the new year. I still have some wallpaper borger to replace on I already added and I changed my mind when I found the other one. I also need to finish painting , the Bathroom! It will be fabulous when I get done. And on and On....

Well, I also deceided to move the fish aquarium form the front hallway into the great room so we can see them more often. THey are guppies and multiply like crazy. Their is always something going on in there. I saw some new aquariums in the store. They have a bubble front and so cool, but top expensive for me. I was just going to get a new top as ours is full of crud from he minerals in our water here. But, the new top IN a new glass 20 inches high is only $10 more got I got he package deal.
It will be easier to move the fish if I already have the set up and they only have one move. I also got brown gravel. I never liked the blue colored gravel that was in it when Bob inherited it from his work. When they built the new million dollar building, the fish were not welcome, so Bob adopted them and brought them home.
So, I now have the set up and the gravel in, but, I will let Bob do the air and set the top up when he gets home from work.

Our weather beeper just went off, it is 32 degrees here tonight at 6:30PM. They made it crazy on TV yesterday when the prospect of SNOW was in the air. New Orleans got it, Awesome! But, we got none!

Well, I hope you have shopped for magazines and your 2009 calendar by now. I better go order mine. Later, smiles, cyndi

PS: Of couse Emma and Jordan got Christmas Gingerbread Toys from the pet store. They squeak so they love them.

1 comment:

Dani said...

Moving a large aquarium is alot of work, Cyndi....I know we used to have to see it've been busy!