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Monday, December 1, 2008

Changing, changing, changing

I was looking for a new templete that was three sections across. I love the new French Word-a-Day Templete,maybe I can learn a few words; anyway, I can see France photos in the meanings(so la, la, That is OK)!

Jordan is whining, he wants me to get OFF This computer and come sit on the sofa by him. I DO HAVE to Listen to him! He is right! He doesn't really want outside either, he just wants me to get up! I did open the door for him and he will be right back almost before I can sit down. Brrr, it is chilly out, 43 and it was very windy today. Like Nov.. opps, December should be! I did not wear a coat when I went to the Post Office and I was wishing I had. But, we have a good car heater, actually is was the Ford Escape I took because I could not find my car keys, well, they were in the side pocket of my purse. I found them when reaching for lipstick to go in the Post Office. I have got to get it more together, it seems like I am here, there and everywhere.

I had a good ebay Sunday for a change. Nothing I had auctioned sold but many Coke listings in my store did. Great!, I needed the money alot more than the room they take up in my garage. In Fact, I need to have a huge sale and get it all out, but I have to get it listed somehow FIRST. And another day goes by, nothing listed.
I am making a note that at least five things get listed every day. HAS TO BE! Or, five things will be donated every day. This way I will have to do as I say or DO as I say, either way, I am cleaning out the garage and house of all the Needful things, I thought I needed.

We have an easy fireplace, just flip a switch and it comes on. I miss the crackle and pop, but it heats the room and then I will be comfy. I am going to the sofa with a magazine I have from the library, get on my nightgown and snuggle with Jordan. I will even have a cup of hot chocolate with red and green holiday marshmellow shapes.

Grins till tomorrow for Tuesday Kindness....

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