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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday Kindness

I have been so blessed this week with kindness by strangers giving to me. Odd, how it works out! I had to go for labs yesterday AM before my Doctor's appointment in December and afterward I was close to the Salvation Army so of course I had to go just see what they had. They have raised their price on books, but I still got around 20. I should be a librarian I love them so. And, I never make time to read like I would love too. I just collect them with the thought of someday.

Well, after that, I had a 40% coupon for Michaels and Hobby Lobby so of course they are also on the path to home so I follow! I got more clock works for our Souviner State Tins on ebay and then when I was to leave, it was POURING RAIN outside. I was parked close to the door so when this young fellow with an umbrella offered to walk me to the car, my first thought was, Thanks but I am parked close and just going home so I can change clothes. But, he persisted and said his moma did not raise him to not offer, so would I please let him walk me to the car. Well, after that, who could resist? So he politely opened his umbrella and held it over me and the cart to the car. I told him I had my two dogs waiting for me and to not be afraid of them.
When I opened the door of course Jordan and Emma were right there to greet us, so I opened the door and put my bags inside while the young man held the umbrella over us and said "HI Doggies". He was so kind to have done this. My bags were soaked when I got home so I realized how he did save me from being soaked to the bone. My shoes were wet, as the downpour had made puddles we had to walk through. But, we did need the Rain terrible and I am grateful for it. So what if I was wet? I did not melt and I thanked this kind man for his good deed of the day and I bet I was not the only person he helped in the rain.

I also hope I helped the coupl ein front of me in line. They got out of line and told me to go ahead as the lady had a gift car in the car she had forgot. well, she went to get it and returned before I had moved in line so I just said, get back in line where you were. There was NO reason for themto start all over again, just to get a gift card. They were grateful and it was not a problem for me at all. My feet hurt just standing in line. But, one more shourt check out was not a big deal. She had some beautiful cranberry color charger plates and a roll of ribbon. The store was very buzy with the shoppers for all the sales going on. Fall was 90% off, so I got a new scarecrow for my DH as he loves having our old delapated one out by the front door. I also got some fall leaf garlands, Reg $9.99 , for $1.00 each, not a bad deal.

So it was a kind day all around, you get it and you give it!
smiles, cyndi

1 comment:

Dani said...

You had a great day...with a lot of kindness and good buys....hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving!