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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Could you do this?

I was doing alittle blog surfing this AM when I woke from the sofa where I slept all night with my Male Golden Retriever "Jordan". WHen I am tired and fall alsleep my dear husband Bob, just has to leave me there because I will not wake even if the earth moves.

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings led me to a homestead blog of and the more I read the more I was involved mentally. Now at age 58 and with health issues, I could not do this today, but back when?

Oh, why did I not learn about the country earlier. I have always been a city girl with all the conviences and when the power is out and comes back on,we delight.

Maybe with the hard times we are experiencing, I will REALLY shop local more from these farms. This season would be wonderful to start with Fall Here and the fireplaces being needed again. Why not also get some local honey and maybe a Christmas Wreath.

Here is the blog that got me started thinking and I have also posted the link to the local Harvest site that you can visit your area close for shipping purposes for these farmers.

May all the Joys of the Everyday be embellished in your world!">

and the local harvest site is

I hope the above links send you some warm fuzzies. I year to live with some forest or trees around me. When we moved into the garden home in 2003, I guess I never really was thinking about shade as we had always lived on a shaded lot wih many trees. It is a pain when a storm comes and we have to think of them falling on the house but it is so nice for the summers to be outside. It really gets HOT in the south.

I would also love to have a barn or somewhat of a studio for my mess. ( I am a collector of way to many things, maybe a few goats and cats. LOL, in my dreams! Well, especially my books and magazines! A girl can dream!

smiles, cyndi

1 comment:

Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

It was always my dream to live off the land, be more independent, etc. I guess I let time slip away, and now find I can't do all that stuff either! Why in the world I didn't plant some fruit and nut trees 20 years ago is beyond me! At least I could PICK fruit! I think I still may get some chickens, though!