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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A New Day Beginning, Dawn is Lifting

I have been away from the computer last week as my husband had back surgery fusion and it was a little more involved when they got to the bone to add the hardware too and found it was involved with osteoporosis, no one knew he had. I take Actonel but should be more cognizant of every week along with my Calcium and Vitamin D also as they work together.

I can hear the birds starting to sing outside the window. They had been serenading yesterday when we had RAIN finally. It was a slow steady rain all day. The Hummingbirds are awesome. I put out another feeder so four in all now. They fly and buzz around. We also have some very loud frogs communicating to each other. I have seen them around the base of the house now and then and I put out broken flowerpots for them to hide in. They love them.

I got a new Old looking Blue enamel pot at an estate sale for Daisy that just feels old time homey. I have used it a few times now and I burned my fingers lifting it up without a hot pad. Ouch! Hit’ my head dumb move! Well, I learned fast and I remembered these fabulous put holders I had seen. They are rosy shabby chic quilted and I had been thinking of them, so I made the move and got several.
They are so cozy feeling to me, I even had to cook dinner one night last week and made macaroni and cheese in it. IT is harder to pour form than my one handle pan but I enjoyed it. Before that, I admit I had just boiled water for the hummingbirds feeders. Boil 4 parts water to one part sugar for you feeders. Example: One-cup sugar to four cups water. They love it!

Back to cooking, Bob usually cooks for us and I clean up the dishes. When I started using the blue pot I even needed to scrub a little more to clean it so I used a washcloth where I usually use a plastic scrubber. I felt so good and happy, doing all the old timey way, at least for me. I never use a kitchen cloth rag but I am now forever. I go through paper towels with everything. I promise to wash the rag every day and I have been collecting nice kitchen cloths anyway, I will dig out.

I have been collecting Linens for a couple of years now and I need to list them on ebay. Some I used for props in my mall market stores on the displays. I even had a CD rack full of hanky’s or cloth napkins. So, I have a lot to work with. I thought of they do not sell I can use them in crafts and my mixed media art.

The light is rising outside with the moon lowering and the sun rising. It comes over a mountain in front of our house so I see Light before sunlight. I love to work ByLightOfMoon, funny , I love that name! I got it from and old Jimmy Buffet song!

Well, it has been a quiet time so far, Jordan always gets up with me when I wake up early (3:30AM) today. He just went outside and it is still raining. Emma’s little deck pool is almost full. I usually use that water to give to the flowers and plants. They sure do not need it today and it is too deep for her, well maybe not, she loved the river. She loved yesterday to run and play in the rain .It doesn’t bother her a bit. I usually have a large bath towel by the door to dry off Jordan and I did Megan also when they come in as they don’t care to be wet, But, not her! She tries to play tug with the towel, This is still the little girl n her, and those big girl teeth are coming in. She chews on everything so we have a basket of toys she chooses from. They are all over the room. I still keep a baby gate up so she cannot get anywhere I cannot see her. As Long as I can hear her, I know where she is and what she is doing. The quiet times bother me. I know all this too will pass, as she is still very much a puppy although she is growing like a weed. Long Lanky legs and belly to rub, baby hair so soft, if she would only hold still to enjoy a good rub. She even wants to chew hands and toes which are never covered here.

I better get my day started, I have ebay to list and re-list (I am still selling Coke Memorabilia from Daisy)

This reminds me I have a photo of Barkley, my Grand-dog (My real grandog from Megan and Jordan)He poses so well, He is A HAMM for photos! Look here, he is adorable! I sell these crates in my ebay store,

Gotta Love Him!
smiles, cyndi

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