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Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Animal Rescue Bracelets ;-)


These are the bracelets I ordered from the Animal Rescue Site with the Purple Pawprint to click daily to feed 14 shelter animals.

I also got my daughter the bracelets too, and a " Paws for the Cause" magnet for my and hubby's cars.

I just want to help them in any way I can for giving us "Emma".
She is a joy in our lives and I still am in awe that someone just put her in a cage in front of a shelter with no message.

At least she was picked up and taken care of and not just left to roam the streets and get hurt. She is learning very quickly as long as we stay with her. SHe has grown so much, she can stretch up to the countertop in the kitchen so I have to be careful what we leave everywhere. She wants everything to be in her mouth as she is getting new teeth. I am also trying to teach her not to jump on us! Oh, can I do this? I want her to be so well mannered.

Jordan on the other hand is an awesome dog we have had for 10 years now and he has some kind of problem going on. I took him to the vet last Friday to see Dr. Tate and she ran a bunch of tests. $ 400 worth!!! Hiccup! Anyway, he is on special diet , she wants him to gain some weight and he goes back Sunday to see her.

We made made arrangements with Ally's parents to have trhe double ceremony for Megan and Ally soon at the river. They are scheduling with the priest who will do the ceremony for them and inviting all their friends. These dogs were very well loved in North Carolina when they lived there part of the year. We have made several trips to babysit the girls and they loved the river so much, that is where their ashes should be. SO it will be done!

smiles, cyndi

1 comment:

Farm Chick Paula said...

How sweet! I need one with chicken feet on it! LOL