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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Many thanks for all of your prayers , Jordan is home!

My precious Jordan is home, he is still recovering from whatever happened to him and no surgery was needed. I guess we will never know exactly what started his intestinal problems that made me give him a Pepto Bismol as he was so sick with vomit before all this happened and then it turned to bad diarrah for over 24 hours.
That is the reason I took him to the Emergency Animal Clinic in the first place last Saturday at 4:30AM. I was hoping to get him a shot for everything but the PM DR on duty wanted to keep him for dehydration and get fluids hooked up for him. I could understand that. Dr Jacobi, his DR asked us to return that evening at 8PM when she came back on duty to see how he was doing and she wanted to X-ray him to see if the Pepto Bismol has passed. That is when we saw them in his stomach, and I am so glad we knew what they were, So was she! Then the idea was to try and get some food down him to see if it would push them on through as well as the gas in his intestines. But, when we arrived that evening at 8PM as asked, I found him in terror and he had a cone on his head to prevent him from pulling out the port in his leg. He had done that once and they had to put itback in the other leg so now both front legs were shaved and bandaged, kinda like a poodle, LOL. Well, I yanked the velcro cone off his head as he was strangling himself trying to get out of the cage. We took him outside to the patio backyard area and he did calm down some but, he was a basketcase. His eyes were bloodshot and the Doo Doo for nice words on his rear was stinky and gross where his bad diarrah had been. He was shaking and finally they gave him some valium, but, I think overdid it as he could barely stand up then. We sat on the cold patio and he put his head on our shoes and fell alsleep for alittle time. So sweet, he is!

Anyway, we stayed there 3 hours with him till we had to leave and we called at 7:30AM the next Morning, Sunday to see how he had done overnight. Dr Jacobi, his DR gave a good report, he needed more valium during the thunderstorms that night, but we still wondered if he needed surgery to remove these Pepto Bismol. Only time would tell if they were disolving.

We called back to the clinic at 2PM to see how he was doing and was told by the Day Shift receptionist that they were too busy to talk to us. My Husband let them know a thing or two about our dog and that he was there for his best interest and only we knew some details that might help his care. We were told to call back at 5PM when someone came on duty to talk to us. Ok, we did and then was told they were still to busy to call back at 6PM. Well, my dog is not at the ER clinic to sit in a cage and be ignored while they do other trama cases only, especially at $1,000 plus for weekend visit. They obviously need more staff. He was still in critical care. Anyway, I told her that was not acceptible and I wanted to talk to someone in back that could tell me something about him. Anything, well she finaly in a huff transferred me somewhere as the phone went silent and she had said I might have a long wait. Ok, this did it! We got in the car and went over there. I bypassed the receptionist as headed back to where I new he was. There was a technician in the back area and I asked her to get my dog, Jordan for me as I wanted him NOW, until the DR on duty could speak to me. We had his leash in our hands along with a towel and shampoo. They brought him around to the back patio and we visited with him. He was SO GLAD to see us and just sang to us as he does often when he is glad to see us. I don't leave him or Megan alone often as they so love to go with us in the car and we usually just leave the air conditioner on for them to stay cool.

Anyway, I bathed his backside to get the gunk off his back area, It was stuck on and awful! But, I corrected that! He was still groggy and went to the bathroom both ways. The night before he would not go for them on the leash, so we took it off and he immediatley went but still very diarrah. This time after some very good canned rice dinners it has alittle consistancy, so better than the night before. They also x-ray him at 5PM as we knew they were scheduled too and we wanted to know if anything was better looking this time. We waited there 2 hours till it started getting cool outside so I knocked on the back clinic door and no one answered so I opened it and told the first person I saw that we were going into the waiting room in front as it was cold outside. Whoever it was said, Ok. So 7PM we go back inside still 2 hours after we arrived and no word from anyone on his care that day.

I can understand an emergency. The waiting room was full and the night before they brought in three car hit dogs, we stood by while the Dr took care of them and that was fine. We had Jordan and knew what was happening. I cannot say enough good things about the NIGHT DR. Jacobi. She was excellant! And she would be back on duty at 8PM.
SO, 7:55 we were called to a waiting room and the day DR. Jordan came in, saying she had been trying to see us, ya ya ya.... Well, by the time she said that, Dr Jacobi came in and we sighed relief. Finally we could see the new 5PM x-rays. The two Pepto Bismol tables had started to disolve. One was half the size and the other was broken up in his intestines. There was no question we were taking him home and to the clinic that had been seeing Megan and we would call them in the AM. We called and also Dr Jacobi called later to see how he did on the way home and how he was doing in general early the next day before she left her shift. She was so nice and caring.
Well, Jordan had to be wondering where Megan was as she was always with us too. If fact, he had gone to her office visits with her and had she been well, she woul dhave come to visit him with us if we had been sitting the the car instead of the patio area. He slept the minute we got in the car, zapped out good. We even stopped for a hamburger on the way home and he did not get up as normal. He was so tired, but, he could not have had hamburger anyway as his stomach was still too torn up and it would take three days of this good RX rice canned food to help ease it while giving him whole food versus the port line saline.

When home, he barely woke up to come inside and get on the bed to go back to sleep. Still , someone was missing and I think he knew, Where was Megan? She had been his buddy since he came to live with us ten years ago. We got Megan one week and Jordan the next. They were a week apart in age and grew up together. I think today his heart still hurts like ours does, She is missing! A whole in our space! In fact, his stress over her could have been what brought all this on in the first place.

We had taken her to have her shot to pass comfortably while he was at the ER clinic
so he did not understand. This AM as I write, he has joined me when I got up about an hour ago. it is 5:25 AM now, I just woke up and had to get up as I knew I needed to catch up here. He got up too from the comfy bed, just to be with me here. It is still dark outside with just a hint of light starting to show over the fence outside.

I can start to hear the birds outside, another day is dawning. Life has been too buzy the last few weeks. Yesterday, I took my Insurance papers to a new laywer to see if he can appeal my disability claim. It would help so much just for that few $755 dollars I got every month and he said not to expect that amount again, if he thought I had a case. He asked me to re-order all new papers from the Insurance Company Unum Provident that was denying all my appeals, which I did yesterday so he could see everything. Shall I have hope?, or just live with, they got away with being the big guy and I can't fight them. Well, who knows!

Well, Good Day to all who see this. Smiles, cyndi


Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

So glad that Jordan is home, Cyndi!


Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

Cyndi, that is such good news about Jordan! Give him a big hug for me! I have thought so much about you these past few days and I know how hard it has been!

Don't know about insurance companies. They can be real buggers, can't they. I hope everything turns out well with that, too!

Love ya!