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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Good Day Thursday!

Ann has posted some beautiful thoughts here at 1000 Gift Lists, she shares her writing jornal and is a fabulous writer. I adore her thoughts, she says them so much better than I can. What a fabulous blog!

When I enter my enclosure links they do not work here all the time so I will show both, I have yet to figure out why?

But, here is where I signed up for the 1000 Gifts (of Gratitude), for me and where I will post daily here.

You will find it is quite a beautiful site! , as I did.

It has been a wonderful day so far. I have been blogging with my Glad Tiding Friends this AM and they have sent me several different directions. One is the Gifts Graphic you see above. I have so many things to be grateful for and cherish the gifts I have been given.

I have a new screen door and I cherish that I can have it open today to listen to the sweet gentle rain outside also with the birds at my feeders and singing outside in my backyard. I have two bluebird feeders that I can see the bluebirds come and go in one, they filled up the other with grass. Maybe they don't want neighbors so close. Well, that is ok, I want them to be happy!

I also planted many flowers last weekend while I was trying to detract myself from the sadness of losing my Golden Retreiver Megan, and our other Jordan, was at the ER Pet Hospital. I planted chocolate mint, lemon grass, tomato & basil(I was told to plant these together to keep down bugs on tomatoes, so I did!) banana and green pepper, zinnas, two daylilys, salvia, marigolds, three hanging planters with some beautiful dainty hangings(? no clue what they are?, begonias, coleus,and I plan to get lemon balm. I already have tons of peppermint growing and spreading, Love it!
My lavender is getting blooms ready and so are the clematis, I hope!

Megan missing is still very hard as she was a Presence on our home for ten years but Jordan is home and lying here beside me. He is still healing his stomach and intestines so he can't eat the treats he wants yet, but maybe by the weekend. We were in the Pet Store yesterday getting his RX food for his gentle tummy and when checking it out, the cashier wanted to give him a treat and I had to stop her saying he can't have it yet. That felt so strange, but they understood. He still has poodle cuts hair on his front legs also when the ports for his IV were at. But, he is healing and missing Megan also as he did not get to be with us when she left.

The rain is just so beautiful today. I did notice too that my One World, One Heart Gift plants are sprouting. That will be exciting to watch them come up and see what they look like.

I also got two apron patterns yesterday just to make sure I can still make a ruffle, I also want to border a pillow I want to make or have made. I got the fabulous toile material a while back I saw used on a pillow I saw in the Consignment store, but they said it was sold, so when I found the material at Hancock I grabbed several yards. Well, then I found the pillow was NOT Sold, so I got it anyway. Now, I can have several or make an apron with the other fabric. I also adore the white wicker rocker I got the pillow and fabric for. I love a rocking chair.:-)

Also on Lea and Cora's blogs they talk of making their own soap. I think I will give it a try also, Here are links for the recipe,
Lea of Farmhouse Blessings
Cora of Hidden Riches, Secret Places

By the way, the links are on your right under Glad Tidings Primatives and Folkart as I see again my links are not working here. sigh!

Another blog I visited today was " Confession sof an Apron Queen as we are always on the subject of aprons these days and she has a Vintage Thursday Blog going that I also have to jump in and join. I love Vintage and I 'll share that too

Dani at Eagle Wings blogspot also has some beautiful petunias she got and her new cigar box is awesome. I envy her as I want to make one also. I got several for purses with dogs on them in NC and I have some I got in MO that I wonder if I should sell as it or make them with decoupage also. Oh, too many things on my mind to do!
I got no petunias this year because it gets to hot in AL about July and mine will drop dead, so I will not put them thru that this year. One reason is my zinna's did so well last year, so I will stick with them again this year.

Naomi at

has some beautiful Mother's Day gifts to show off. Awesome forget-me-nots from her sons and has a Primative danelion pattern you may download for FREE! Check it out.

Another thing is my friend Nancy Huggins has another craft show going, I got 100 thread spools last time for my altered art, so I am afraid to go look as my pay pal os zero, but I know I will have too. Lots of wonderful goodies to find.

smiles, cyndi