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Monday, March 17, 2008

The Old Red Barn Company QUILT GIVEAWAY!

I went to Cora's Blog,
from Glad Tidings, a group I belong to, Sweet Sisters there

this AM and found the best Giveaway. The Old Red Barn Co. is actually giving away this quilt and a Gift Certficate to her store where she carries the most awesome Natural Handmade soaps and body products! Dani is just an "AMEN SISTER" with her new clogs also! Her fabrics are so neat and retro! What an awesome find!

All I have to do is post here on my blog and on my sidebar and I am entered after I posted a comment on her blog! But, she has over 600 entries! That will be some drawing!

If you go enter from here, please return amd leave a comment for me. I just want to see how far this can go! It is close to the end and for the drawing, so go enter now!

smiles, cyndi

Well, I might not win with so many but this has been fun anyway. Well, again, I guess my chances are as good as anyone's!

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