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Monday, March 24, 2008

My Mail Surprise!

I received the most fabulous letter in the mail Saturday, I was in awe of the beautiful handwriting. It is just a pleasue to receive a handwritten letter these days with my name written so beautifully. I think I need to get back to trying to learn calligraphy. I do not take enough time when I write, so I vow to try to slow down and see the beauty on the letter. I do love words, if fact!, I am in LOVE with words. I have books everywhere in my house. The bookcases are full and overflowing in stacks on the floor. I even turned a CD rack into a small bookcase in the bedroom. Ok, My Goodness! THANK YOU ANGELA for your kindness and your inspiration!
I never thought replying to a tag for seven questions would result in anything so grand as a tag from Angela with the most beautiful Teddy Bear Card, Angela's own design! ~ THe TATTERED TEDDY, VINTAGE TOY SHOPPE ~ It even has three silver hearts on it and a green ribbon, on the back it is signed by Angela along with her email, blogspot, and etsy addresses.

Angela, You are ONE VERY SPECIAL FRIEND and from the PACIFIC NORTHWEST( my heart beats faster just thinking of your area of the country.) I love it there as you do. I recently visited Angel's blog and she had painted a lighthouse by the sea scene and it sounded like she had not painted in awhile. She struggled to get it "Just Right"!
I do Believe SHE DID! It captures my memories perfectly. The perfect place to sit under a tall fir tree and watch the sea. I could hear and smell it and I revisit it in my thoughts and desires! Isn't that what an artist does? They take you to a place you love and desire to remember. I am smiling Angela! And thanks so very much for the trinkets. I shall cherish the cards and tag, even the envelope and mailer, as I am a keeper. I love friendships and sharing alittle love.

Angela, you made my day when I received your envelope. I looked at it taking my name in and yours along with the stamps and the paper feel before I could even open it. I wanted to cherish the moment. And I do, THANK YOU!

I will be glad when I learn enough about digital art to make my own, but for now, I borrowed from photo bucket, to say



Angelina's Trinkets said...

Hi Cyndi,

Wow, I am so honored by all your wonderful and delightful comments. And so very glad to surprise you with some real snail mail.

I can't wait to see your angels...I am working on some new designs today, but ran into a problem with a slight bit of disorganization in my studio area (lol). I think we all have this problem in our creative spaces. But goodness, I felt sunk today when I opened the door and saw all the things I still have to put away...then I think, I should really take every thing out of here and paint, then put every thing back into the space all nice and organized (makes me giggle as I know that won't be happening, but I can dream).

I was so glad to hear that you were able to get some planting done. I just bought some garden veggie seeds and a whole bunch of flowering seeds. I can't hardly wait to plant, plant, plant...get my hands in the soil and smell the fresh scent of the earth. We just had snow on the first day of spring so I'll wait another week or so before dropping any seeds into the soil.

Oh the tagging party was a fun way to do the tagging...I still have two spots open if anyone should stop by and post in the comments section, I'll send them a tattered teddy bear atc as well. I really don't do a whole lot of digital designs, but have learned the program fairly well now so it is getting easier...I use the adobe photoshop.

I do love living here in the Pacific Northwest and try to spend as much time as I can at the coast. Truth is, I can't go long without returning to the oceans edge...I tend to get edgy and feel out of sorts if I wait too long between visits. I'm only a couple hours away though so a day trip can work just as well, but I prefer to spend several days and lots of time on the beach taking pictures. I enjoyed the collage of the beach, even though it was a bit of a struggle getting the perspective in the beginning, when it came together, it was a delight. I have it hanging above my computer desk so I look at it often. I'm ready to create another collage, this time it will be sun flowers - or so I hope it looks like sunflowers. I'll let you know.

Wishing you a truly wonderful, sunny day your direction,

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

What a special treat! You are a lucky girl Cyndi!