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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Been a' while

Here is a photo of the fabulous "Tattered Teddy Company" items I received from the Tagged Party I participated in. I had no idea(or did not remember) that anything would be coming, so it was a huge surprise and a very nice end to a stressed day when I read my daily snail mail. Thanks so much Angela!

Sorry, I have been away from my on-line friends this week. My Mother and brother Randy surprised me Monday Evening by arriving here in Alabama after leaving Louisana and my newphew's 21st Birthday Party on Easter Sunday.

It was a JOY to have them stop for a visit as they have never seen our garden home. I only wished I had more sleeping room for them. My Mother took the sofa, which is L shaped and huge, so she said she was comfy and my brother took the daybed room as it had another TV he could watch his Law & Order shows on. Mom and I watch figure skating on ESPN. SHe does not have cable TV at her home in Missouri, but she really enjoyed the cooking on the Food Channel and Loves Paula Deen anyway. I Have a feeling they might try finding a way to fit a cable bill into their budget soon. My brother has been staying at her home while she recovers from her January surgery. I went up and stayed three weeks till she was home and doing fine. She really came thru the whole ordeal with a great attitude and wonderful recovery. I think they kind of enjoy each other's company to a point! LOL, they each retreat to theri own bedroom's when needed. My Mother loves to read and she broght me even more books.

We got our the gravity chairs on the new wood deck we had built and it is fabulous weather to lay outside and read while spring is here. The bird feeders are full and busy. I also got a new bluebird house up for a second house. We enjoyed the first one so much last year. MY DH took out the existing birdnest so they will return. I will save it very carefully as such fragile grasses were used to build it. SMILES!

It is a happy day, we really enjoyed their stay and they are on their 650 miles trip back to Missouri so I wish them a safe and happy trip. I hope they enjoy their journey today and see new things and places. We have driven those roads for thirty years now since we moved here and a new road has finally opened from Jasper, AL to Memphis which will be the first they have traveled it. It is mainly still unbuilt and many trees. Maybe some will be flowering new for spring.

We have the dogwood trees blooming now and the Bradford Pears are almost green now. I got some Camillia bush cutting's from a site that will soon be razed for a new home developement and if anyone can make them grow, my MOM can, she does have a very "green" thumb. I hope the weather is not to cold in Missouri for them. I also rooted some cuttings and we will see if I can grow a bush or two.

Well, I need to vacuum today and start a new project. I signed up for a couple of swaps to be done in the next months to come. I shall work on them before we go to the River to keep my Gran-dogs as our mini- vacation. We take our two Golden Retreivers Megan and Jordan to see Maggie and Alley. Actually they will come here and we will take all four of them to the river house. My Daughter will come here to feed the fish and take care of any mailings I need to have done. I am asking her to also water all my newly planted flowers as I have so many cutings started. She does not like it but she will water them. Smiles and , again!

Be Well and have a safe trip home Mom and Randy!

1 comment:

Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

Cyndi, sounds like you had a wonderful week! And loved your surprise gift! Nothing better than spring when the flowers begin to bloom adn the trees are all budding. I loved the dogwoods in Virginia!

Be sure to take a picture of those bluebirds when they come back!