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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Good Morning

I have the photo I received in the mail from a lady in Huntsville, AL. I wonder who is it from?

So pretty, here it is,

Maybe I will hear from the sender, I hope!

It is a beuatiful morning. I was up at 4AM and should be listing ebay and cleaning house but here I sit kind of cleaning up my sites.

I do need to get busy so later,
smiles, cyndi


Pherenike said...

Thats so sweet. I think its even better because you don't know who sent it! The idea of sending an anonymous gift reminds me of "A Conspiracy of Blessings" Blog, which is all about spreading kindness.
Shes done things like leaving kind notes in bus shelters for random strangers. How lovely it would be to be waiting for your bus and find a note telling you you are wonderful!

frstyfrolk/Cyndi said...

Thanks so very much for sharing this with me. Of course, I had to go to the site your post mentioned which led me to three other very interesting sites. I just tell you, this blogging in the neatest way to meet new folks and be inspired by all they have and share with others.

I thank you again for your kind friendship!
smiles, cyndi