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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Glad Tidings Primative Folkart & Friends

I wrote this on our ebay site and transferred it here, just to get myself started.
I want to get myself a new primative banner different than my ebay store banner.
I also want a new web-site for my art and prim site.
I believe it will be

" ByLightOfMoon"

The new Glad Tidings Blog is Awesome,

It has sure blossumed and Cora has learned so much for posting along with Linda helpful Idea's. Thanks for all the free sites to check out. I need to desperately find the time and sit Down and DO IT! Where here did I see that?

" I am wanting it to be done so bad, I can't get started?" That is me to the hilt.

I stay so busy "running around with little errands, I am accompolishing nothing. I talked to my Dr about this " HYPER" that has taken over me and she advised to drop one requip RX at night. but, I do not see it helping!
Seems I just go in circles and have nothing to show for it.

I am blessed to have all of you and I WILL get better, starting TODAY! I see Wednesday is my day and I will work on it. Smiles,!
I also have not been making my art or ebay listings, as I saida going in circles getting nothing done. I need to turn over my brick and morter store to my DH this week. I was thinking yesterday, I am going to have too. I cannot do everything. Last weekend, I cleaned my house on my hands and knees and just made a dent. I at least got the bathroom and kitchen floors and baseboards.

And I can smell that pumpkin and the receipes are deightful looking. I so wish my art was also relecting these feelings.

Sorry to be rambling, that is me these days, I just ramble on.....
cyndi ;-)

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