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Monday, January 12, 2015


CRAFTING FRIENDS TRIO: January Giveaway: Giveaway Time There will be 3 winners!  Dani, from Sweet Home Stitchery will  be giving away 3 hand stitched note cards (with envelopes)...
Lynn, from RaggyAnne  is giving away a cute mug rug..great for the table..this can be used also as a candle mat...very pretty! And Nancy, from Huggins Haven will be  giving away some bath salts and bubble bath.....just yummy stuff.

Go to the above link for fabulous photos of great gifts!

Be sure to tell them what you would like to win! 
Smiles, Cyndi
 The lucky winner will receive the following: 4 oz. bottle of Bubble Bath (Ocean Flower Scent),
4 soap petals (Rain, scent),6 oz. Bath Salts (Fresh Linen), Heart Shaped Soap (Lilac Scent)

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EarthLites said...

I love your blog! It looks like you must have some beautiful gardens inside and out.
Dorene ~ EarthLites