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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Endless Gardening!

My Summer has been "Gardening" in my endless garden that keeps growing and finding native plants everywhere. It just won't end to sit back and enjoy. Always a work in progress! I purchased 14 lavender plants on sale and they have been very time consuming. I started out with good planting and found our red clay does not drain and they started withering so I replanted with more layers of pebbles(small) from the roads and leaf mulch, I think we have a hundred million trees here in the forest and sand I also collected from the  drainage by our roads, it is full of mica and hard to bury but I did. Then a mixture of more mulch and good old mother earth soil I dig in the forest and a store bought bag of peat moss.  They still did badly so I dug them up again and potted many of them. I am hoping they do better now.After I got them I read that we have too much humidity here in the Western North Carolina mountains plus I live in the forest battling just the noonday sun.

Here are some photographs I have taken along the way. Oh, I also broke my wrist falling over a downed tree in our yard so I am  working with left arm and it is not my dominant hard. I also lost my hand hoe in the forest somewhere while digging, I keep going back to, look for it, I will one day find it again.

Mere is my handmade garden glove which I cut the long sleeve from a shirt to wear over my cast, I am gathering laves here to mulch.

Bee Balm

An Old Tree stump filled with lichen


Daisies were coming up everywhere are are a favorite flower of mine

A native, I have no idea what this will become
I filled my fairy terrarium but no room for moss yet,these will be spread out among several terrariums

This flowers in the middle of the planted and I have it labeled 'Balsam' I really am not sure, but it is beautiful  and blooms in several colours

I have also been collecting these Queen Anne's Lace Flower heads for drying and Have then in my "ByLightOfMoon" Etsy shop!

I believe Angelina, My Cat was eating the leaves this spring before it boomed. There is a lot of it.

Side yard lavender I was trying to grow, the hole kept filling up and is still there, what to do, I think I dug to deep

It is "Munstead" Lavender

Most in pots now, I hope they recover!

Of Course, our Sassafras trees are everywhere around our yard
They have three different leaves on them.

Thanks for dropping by and please , I love comments!
Smiles, Cyndi


Danielle Vargason said...

so sorry you broke your wrist..hope its better soon. I love the photos and hope the lavender recovers nicely. My moss garden is still doing well which is amazing to me. Its so dry here and we're in a drought. But it did rain yesterday and they say it will be a wet winter..hope so!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Cyndi, how's that wrist coming along? Be careful with working, you don't want to strain it more.
Your flowers are beautiful and do you ever dig Sassy root and sell it in your shop? My guess is, most people have never had real Sassafras tea.
Your fairy garden is sweet; reminds me of something Susan Branch might do. Take care of you, be safe(er)!