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Thursday, June 20, 2013

What Irks Me?

What Irks Me?

I got a " Mother Earth News" magazine at the grocery store last night and what irks me is the magazine has so many articles that reference me going to my computer to read more on an article.  I like to read on my front porch or in bed and I don't like to sit at my computer for hours to read.  I have pelvis problems and enough sitting at the computer to do my listing items on Mostly Etsy and a little newer items on  Bonanza, even eBay now and then. I have sold pretty well on eBay recently. I purchased this Polaroid Camera at a church charity sale recently, I listed it Sunday night and it was sold Monday Morning, a tidy profit too!

I read novels when I go to bed mainly at night but now and then I take a magazine.  I just hate it when I need an IPad to read on as I don't have one. My husband does and he likes it, he even reads books on it and I can borrow his but I am not that new in technology. I even just use my cell phone to talk to my family and friends. I really chat with  them when I don't get their message to leave me a message and I will all you back. We speak to each other and I hear their voice what is what I love when talking to my Mother and Daughter.

Back to the magazine:
The first two pages were nothing but http website addresses; and, this is a magazine about living on less and off the grid???? 

If you can't read the website address in the enlarged photograph, message me  or the details if you are interested in one of the articles. I am very happy to oblige you..

 I even got an invitation to get their issues for $10 for a year; Is it worth it to me? Do I need to purchase an IPad to read magazines today? This is one reason I like to read vintage thrift store magazines. The happenings are the same today and I never pay full price for much of anything. I buy thrift shop clothing almost always!  I like what I like and not what is popular today always which is in retail markets.

I went to a Thrift shop yesterday while by husband went to Subway for a sandwich and he said, "Do you want a sandwich or the Thrift shop"? Of course, you know my answer! I got 8 blouses/tops which I really don't need but at $1.00 each, why not? It was payday!  I also got some puzzles for my mixed media at 50 cents each and some more ( which I don't need) " FabUloUS books! at $1.00 each, some even 50 cents! Who can pass that up? Some Historical and Decorating Books, Crafting Books and patterns, some picture frames at $1.00 and I will use them for my photography and one for mixed media which has a flat frame. It was cute and finger print painted but I can moss  over it with bark and twigs. I can't wait to get started on it. Woodland mixed media is my frame of mind, ( play on words, hee hee)!  

I have done wonderful selling my mosses on Etsy and I get the most wonderful messages from my buyers about how they are enchanted by their order. I always try to give more than expected and send care sheets. I also make terrariums with it and I may go to the evening market tonight with them and my Sourdough Breads I make. On Saturday's there are markets everywhere but they start early and end by noon usually. It is hard to me to get p and around by then even thought I get up early. I would have to pack the car the night before and be ready to go when I wake up. Unpack in the dark to be ready for the first buyers.

I took some photos of making my bread last week to show how I could the 6 cups of flour needed. I don't know how many times I have started with it and forgot how many cups I have put into my bowl so I started using leftover Easter candy pieces to count. I move one from one side of the bowl to the other side with every cup of flower added. Just my little system but it helps me to remember where I am in adding cup by cup of flour into the bowl first before the other ingredients. I have so many loaves in my upstairs freezer it is full. We can never eat it all and I have given it to my neighbors before too.I use my treasured vintage Pyrex bowl we received from our church when we married 47 years ago! I better not break it! 

Maybe I will go tonight. I should do it. I also need to cut back my hydrangea AGAIN that is over taking our bridge walkway to our front porch. It is growing like crazy and I saw the first bloom this morning. Beautiful Purple blooms and I already cut it back once and planted in other places in our yard.  I brought this plant with me from Alabama when we moved and last year it really took off growing and again this year is way too much!  I already had several cuttings from last year planted in the yard in various places, anything to make some extra $$ than does not cost me a lot to get to sell.

You can buy anything at these markets, farmers bring their garden goodies and flowers, along with canned items and even a chicken, bunny or rooster sometimes! 

I hope you have a fabulous day, it has finally stopped raining here after about 5 days of it, bad thunderstorms last night, I went to bed to read what I could of my new magazine. 
Smiles, Cyndi


Danielle Vargason said...

I get Mother Earth magazine and love it, but don't usually go to the online articles. There is still alot of good info there on the pages.
I've been a subscriber for several years and keep all my back copies to reference.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

gosh, are we every in agreement. that prevents me from buying a magazine; if I have to go on-line, I'm not doin git. my bandwidth is little to none and I'm not wasting it when I've already bought the magazine.