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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Hearts and Stones, Gardening, Angels and Fairies in Peony Blooms Magic!

I have been doing lots of gardening lately, the wild things ( flowers ) are blooming everywhere! I adore all the roadside Daisies and I have many in my yard also, they just came up like magic! That is one of my favorite flowers anyway and always has been!

I have planted more wild things and lots of seed packets. My flower garden from last year is overrun with tiny pink/purple flowers and they are on huge stems. They are overshadowing everything, so I will have to replace them so make room for the little things to grow.  I wondered what they were until they finally bloomed.

I found some new mushrooms in the yard yesterday too. And orange and three white ones." Day One"

And "Day Two"

Heart Petals Drying, Rose and  Peony

We had a Big Thunderstorm Rain last night and I was sitting under our waterfall porch again with no gutters. It is so lovely and sounds so beautiful!

I collected a lot of beautiful blue colored stones to make stepping stones for my moss garden and everywhere. And, my husband wants them out of the driveway!  I had to get the wild things planted first priority and now I can tackle that new job I bring upon myself with the beautiful blue stones.

They really shine in the sunlight!

I have started to list my photographs in my Etsy shop and on Facebook.  I just take too many not to share them.

I love to carry my camera with me and since we live in the forest it is amazing what we see. Also new living in the countryside, two-lane roads, and farm country is enchanting! I offer photographs of: Nature, Country, Forest, Rusty Crusty ,Flowers, Barns, Wishing Wells, Tire Swings, Farm Equipment, Insects, Dragonflies, Vintage Logging, Street Signs, Mushrooms, Spider Webs, Unusual, Deer, Butterflies, Collage, Collection, Take a Look!

I have noticed as I play with the wild things that nature makes many flower petals heart shaped. IT is so amazing how many I find with I dry them that are made up of hearts!  Dogwood blooms, Peony,  
Rhododendron,Tulip Tree Flowers 

And, the Mountain Laurel is so fabulous now, the tiny faces are just incredible. I have to dry it while it is blooming and see how it does.  

I have some picked peony's on the porch along with honeysuckle and mallow in water buckets. The peony flower petals were falling off like crazy and I had an angel terrarium space made on my porch meaning to get the angels down into the moss garden in the yard. Well, as I was sitting on the porch and they were falling off I decided to put a basket under them to catch the flower petals. Then, I got the bright idea of a photo shoot with the fairy angels! I love staging things for photo shoots and displays around the house.  Well, one thing led to another and I kept adding things sitting on my porch including the beautiful angels and sofa and hassock bench I got at the flea market a few weeks ago for next to nothing and, my husband discovered the large fairy display is really a music box also so I played it while taking my photo shoot.  I really had a good time for a couple of hours  playing with my doll furniture, like setting up a doll house fairy tale. I am NOT too 

It just kept growing , LOL! 

I have included one of the most valuable tools I have ever had, I never thought I would swifter the front porch spider webs and fan dust, Get One! 

Before I go, I  have to show you my amaryllis that is blooming! 

Thanks for coming by, I would appreciate your comments! 

Smiles, Cyndi


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Thistle Cove Farm said...

daisies are so cheerful; all your photos are wonderful.