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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bear Sightings again and Pear Honey Recipe!

Bear Visits

We have had three bear visits this week and last night my husband saw him at the bird feeder by the garden cart in the front driveway area.  He or She (as cubs were seen last year) saw my husband and took off up in the woods! There goes one of my moss gardens, I guess it will not work out where I have tried to cover the ugly hillside where nothing will grow. It has become a path for the bear now and the dogs as I tried to persuade the dogs to use another path I made for them , but it is not working out.  

The bear was at the bird and suet feeders and in the trash can on our back porch this week. I kind of know where he takes his collections from us so I went to the woods and found the suet feeders all mangled where he did not know how to open the door. But he ate all the new suet in them! Hope it was enjoyed. 

Pear Honey
I made some pear honey this week from my Mother's recipe as we got a bunch of pears at the food pantry last week along with a pizza for Easter.  So, I got some canning jars and made 6 pints. I have 6 more jars left and more pears to make another batch. I was not sure really what I was doing as I don't can food and the last time many years ago I tried to make the pear honey it was so sweet I added so much sugar we had to throw it out so I never tried again.

Oh, this batch is wonderful. I have had it on my sourdough bread and it will be wonderful added to ice cream or oatmeal just comes to mind. Also of course, on toast!

Here is the recipe my Mother gave me back in the 1970's

Pear Honey
 5 lbs pears ( 20 medium) 
2 - 8 1/2 ounce cans  crushed pineapple
2 lemons, juice and grated peel (I just put  them quartered in the blender)
Sugar to taste

Peel pears and remove core.
Put pears into a food grinder using course blade ( I don't have a food grinder so I used a potato masher)

Combine fruit, sugar and lemons and cook till mixture is thick and pears are clear,
Pour into hot jars and seal tops or cover with paraffin.

Makes 6 pints
And, it is soooo good! And, so easy! 
Mine is a little lumpy because of the potato masher but I like it that way.

I called her to make sure I was doing it right and she added that while the jars are just filled and the pear honey is still hot to to turn the jars upside down for a few minutes and then turn them back right side up to get them to pop that they are sealed correctly. The heat on the lids helps the process. 

Another important note:

I value your comments immensely, I love hearing from you on your thoughts and blog links. I have been getting  a lot of bad karma with horrible posts on my comments so I am going to have to add a word "captcha" to my comments.

I really hate to do that but it is important to keep my comments clean and  fun to read! I intend to have receive messages and comments from real human beings and keeping away computer generated comments.

Your extra work is appreciated as I LOVE and ADORE your comments!
Thanks and Smiles, Cyndi


Thistle Cove Farm said...

You can keep the bears, Cyndi, we have our share here as well -smile-. The pear honey sounds amazing; makes me wish I had some pears. Glad you caught the naughty...nasty...comments that were not nice. ugh.

Lady Linda said...

I just shutter at your bear sightings. I know you live with them, but it would be hard for me. The pear honey sound sooooo good.

Danielle Vargason said...

I would be a little timid about the bears too. Amazing creatures but only at a distance. The pear recipe sounds easy and really good. We get pears here rather cheaply so may try this and use agave syrup instead of sugar or perhaps splenda.
My moss garden is doing good, thought you'd want to know and I had some extra so shared with a friend. She made herself one using a old goldfish bowl. Looked really cute too! I know about the spam, I got it too and had to do the same thing.

ByLightOfMoon said...

Yes, since we live in the woods we have to deal with the bears. This one may be a cub from last year since not a big as one I saw last year.

I saw him leave our back porch the other night after I heard the wind chimes on the outdoor clothesline and he was on our porch, of course leaving since my husband shined the flashlight and turned on the back porch light.
we have had to just not put back up the suet feeders.

The pear honey is fabulous, I have made two batches now total of 13 pint jars.

Thanks for your comments and glad you could share some moss Dani!
Smiles, cyndi