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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Swirls and Curls

The bear returned to our house a couple of nights ago and messed up the whole back porch deck undoing my plastic bins looking for our bird seed which I had moved to the house. She got into the whole new $16.00 bag the night I bought it and took it too the woods behind our house.  I had gathered my pennies to buy this bag until pay day comes. Fortunately I had a few good ByLightOfMoon Etsy sales to purchase it.

She looked at my husband and dogs though our patio doors with a flashlight in her face while my DH was wishing he had access to our camera to take her photo. She was on all fours looking at them until my  DH moved the latch and made a noise.

A neighbor told me he had found two dens in our subdivision property and I found it, see photos below!
Wow, it is big! This is one nice size bear.

 Small bear den

Larger Bear den

I also take photos of street signs I see that I love and will make photo collages of them. Here is one I had handy! 

Anyway, back to my porch, it rained and got everything I had stored in my bins wet so I laid them out to dry and started thinking swirls and curls!  I collect bits and pieces of rusty crusty metal as I find them for my mixed media art work as I get an idea!

Here they are,

Also the rain has brought our many mushrooms I love to take photos of, I always try to carry my camera with me and have been playing with the settings as I am not a knowledgeable photographer.

I think these are pretty good and will start offering them for sale in my etsy shop of handmade's and supplies! 

I also remembered reading that hummingbirds like watermelon so I thought about putting some I was ready to throw into our compost bin into the little glass candle holders that I had hung on the tiki torch holder, by my rose bushes, and in the gardens areas with the old rusty crusty bed spring coils that I collect and sell on Etsy. Oh, what a good idea I thought!

In fact, the last episode of the "Junk Gypsies" with Jolie and Amie at the Prom they have at Antiques Week in Texas twice a year. This episode was at Marburger Farm in an old dance hall but they usually had it in a field by their booth tent at Warrenton, TX. They have since I was there and just this year moved their headquarters( yes, they are getting that BIG) in Roundtop Texas where we camped next to" Magnolia Pearl's airstream " in the campground with my Daisy trailer.

Anyway, I am getting off topic, they made party chandeliers with the bed spring coil and candles. They hung several together to make light in the living room like settings they made for their Prom Night. I loved all of their HGTV series shows featuring a makeover of various homes, including Amie's and their parents.
They recently have been on the "127 mile corridor annual flea market" with Travel Channel and HGTV photographers following them and this will be a new show to air. You can see them on their blog and watch their growth which is amazing!  I have several of their Tee shirts and love them. My drink cozies and pink Crown Junk Gypsy bag are used a lot also.

I also re-took another photo of the deer head with antlers in our tree by our porch the other day, maybe it has better light than the previous one and another of the many sassafras trees are are growing in our yard! I just love their leaves and save many as they fall to press and do leaf prints.

I will sell both prints in my Etsy shop, without the watermark of course, and you will be able to order any size. This is new for me so I am still listing them but if you see anything you would like a copy of, please let me know either through Etsy message or email me at

Until next time,
Smiles, Cyndi

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Lois said...

Cyndi I always love to read your posts and blogs. Always something different and interesting. I envey you living where you do. Nature at it's finest.