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Friday, May 25, 2012

Gardening, Etsy Cottage Garden Party, Memorial Day!

I have been doing some gardening today and yes, I am still working on my flower beds.  It is getting late to be starting seeds but I guess better late than not at all.  I started some Delphinium seeds and they are ready to plant. I have a bed sloping downhill so I wanted to be careful than my seeds did not wash away. I visit the library and get gardening books a lot and last time there I saw some children's gardening books. Well, I am not above reading a children's book anytime. It spoke of making paper cones to plant your seeds or seedlings in and so I made some today.  Easy peasy! I love it and wanted to share this idea.

You take a newspaper and have the double fold with just two pages. Then fold it in thirds and staple one end together ( I stapled in three places along the bottom edge and then again where the top has the fold still open.  I thought they were too tall so I changed the next one to being stapled at both ends then cut down the middle and then stapled the fold open like the first one. This just makes them shorter and also I got two for the work on one paper piece.

This way I think I can plant them and they will stay put in case it rains and all my soil does not run downhill. At least, I  hope so!  I also used garden soil that was a soil additive so I put in some bone meal and shake and grow feed sprinkled in with some play sand and mixed it all up. Then I put it in the paper cones and will plant and water and hope they grow.

While at the library I also got the neatest book for children again called " Sunflower Houses" by Sharon Lovejoy and I cannot wait to read it, it has many fanciful ideas about fairies and gardening along with flower information and garden discoveries.  I think I will order this book for myself from Amazon.  Her grandmother taught her about gardening and played games as she was growing up and this book is about that information. I am so glad I found it and that she wrote it!

Also, while I was getting some plants I found many broken stems on the ground at Home Depot and the clerk said they cannot sell them, so she said I could have them. Good deal!  
I also have in the peat rounds some chard I am hoping to grow for the leaves to make some leaf print  birdbaths with. I already have some elephant ears and I could not find any rhubarb so I am trying the chard. 

Below is the book with the paper cone idea. Click on the picture to see the page larger and more detailed.

Also, last week at the flea market I saw these strange BIG gourds for $1.00 each so I got two. Then as they were packing up to close, the lady told me for $1.00 more I could have the whole box, so YEs, I got them. Now, what to do with them? 

Another idea to share is about our Golden Retriever wall calender. It was flopping down from the top edges from the nail in the middle so I used a wood hanger than I was using to hang my cutting craft mats from and hung the calendar from the pinched hanger. It works fine now. I just need to remove the cast iron hanger I have it hooked from and hang it higher on the wall. 

I am linking this post up to the Etsy Cottage Style Garden Party Blog where members show a post regarding gardening or flowers or related.  Why don't you join and post also. I would love to see your garden ideas!

Have a safe and fabulous Memorial Day and please remember why we live in the best country and thank our veterans and soldiers.

Smiles, Cyndi


Debbie O said...

Thanks for sharing your work and ideas Cyndi. Update us soon on your peat pods and seeds?

ByLightOfMoon said...

Thanks Debbie, I sure will, they are in the ground after two more days of planting and another trip for more garden soil.

I will just hope for the best!
Smiles, Cyndi