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Thursday, March 8, 2012

I am a Picker!

I stop along my way to various places and if I see old rusty crusty, it inspires me even more.  I found this little ol' vine covered cottage by accident one day and I had stopped to get a photo of the street sign which I do often.  I found a whole boatload of fabulous stuff!

I pass this site often and had never stopped before. But, this day, I was just in the mood. I was dressed in my fairy good clothes too and just got out for the sign photo. Then I saw an old oak tree and looking for wood for my mushromn class I went closer to it. WOW, I found this wagon and wheelbarrow filled with what I think to be old flower planting.

 It is February here and everything is dormant and yellow or dead. Who knows what might re-bloom here. The place is boarded up and looks abandoned so with a No Tresspassing  sign  "NOT"  in sight anywhere I feel OK to wander around and just look. I love to take photos of nature findings and old things so I felt OK walking around with camera in hand.

I took photos of the tree strange markings and the flower bins, and wander to the side of the house. It was all grown over with weeds and long yellow curly dried vines which Oh, I think great for bird nests! So, I figure no one will mind f I help yourself to a little nature, I pull some yell straw like vines and WOW! underneath is this old bottle jar! A large one! Wow, and  I find another and another. Then as I am looking at the ground wandering around, I look up and see an old building structure that is falling down and no door, looking inside is full of junk stuff, But Gold to me! Wow!

I lurk around and the grass is still full of items overgrown with the grass. The shack is full to the brim and overflowing with someone's old stuff. They must have loved it, I wonder what happened to them and their story! No one is around to ask so I just wonder!

Is this a Chestnut shell or a Chinkapin?

Smiles, Cyndi


Dani said...

Very interesting old place..what stories it is telling if one just is observant....good going, it

Anonymous said...

Would recommend caution. Around here, even if there's not a "No Trespassing" sign, it's illegal to remove anything from someone's property, even junk. Doesn't matter if it appears abandoned. It belongs to someone. Maybe a family members house and they don't have the heart to clear it out yet.

ByLightOfMoon said...

I did not say I removed anything except grass and a few nuts, I just took photos and wonder about the past here. I stopped for the oak tree in front, and found the rest in tall grass!

The Gold referred to is the "photographs of nature" as it appears in these mountains.

I adore rusty crusty trucks, falling down barns, and found this one quite by accident.

Thanks for reading my blog!
Smiles, Cyndi