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Thursday, November 10, 2011

An interesting Day!

I finally yesterday remembered that the Tri State Gem and Mineral Club meeting was to be that afternoon so I made my first trip to this meeting and joined the club.  Many of the teachers from the William Holland Lapidary School are members so what a bonus to find this out!

They do take field trips and is a very active club.  We learned about the process of identifying Gold yesterday and it was very interesting.  The next meeting will be a Christmas Party!  Whoo Hoo!

After the meeting in Hayesville, NC we wandered down to the town square where the" Airing of the Quilts" is happening and several were hung at the gazebo in the square at the courthouse in the middle.
We also wandered into an old museum I was taking a photo of the door sign when the daughter of the past owner invited us in and unlocked the door for a tour that was just incredible.  Her father ran this General Store when she was a child and was known as Wayne " Cutworm" Philips. He was a character and very well know in the community!  He was also a collector and the store museum is just full of vintage everywhere!  I can share a few photos I took with my camera phone as my camera is broken.  It is better than nothing for my memories!
This is the note that got me in the front door.

If you have trouble reading it because of the reflection is says:
Office Hours
Open Most Days about 9 or 10
Occasionally as early as 7, but some days as late as
12 or 1
We close about 5:30 or 6
Occasionally about 4 or 5 but
sometimes as late as 11 or 12
Some days in afternoons we aren't here at all and lately
we have been here about all the time
Except when I am someplace else
But  I should be here, ??? Bob

Judy, is daughter showed us around the museum and described some things I had no Idea what it might have been.  I think the oldest thing I saw was a washing machine. She lifted the middle part up as it worked. Very unusual and long before the wringer washer.

Quite a contraption, isn't it?  We also saw a rope woven blanket that was put on horses to keep the flies away

Another fly swatter to keep them away from the dinner table is this paper cut flyer that her father made from newspaper. It is on a pole with fringe that someone would move over the dinner table.
Check this out, Judy is holding it.

This little pattern is the smallest I have ever seen. It measures abut 4 x 6 inches maybe and features a darling dress for little girls.

Here are some more shelf photos, these shelves used to hold boots her father sold. She remembered making trips to Atlanta to order inventorey and they also brought it home with them that same day. Also, salesmen called on her father at his store to sell their wares.

  Here is a photo of Judy in front of the store on the square in Hayesville, NC

Here is "Cutworm" on a wagon ride.

And here is Judy after she worked hard to re-open the museum

I hope you enjoyed our day as we did.   I also went to the Old Jail Museum, but it had closed for the season and will re-open in March but I found a very interesting Indian tee pee and some heritage information I will share with you on another day. I have to get busy for the week-end at Decker's Flea Market on Hwy 129 in Murphy, NC for our new merchandise to add I got from our storage unit.

Smiles, Cyndi


nancy huggins said...

Wow..what a fun day and such awesome items. Looks like you are much happier now than you were in AL and I am happy for you. I just wish I could find something to get involved in here..Have a great week end Cyndi and thanks for sharing :)

ByLightOfMoon said...

Many thanks Nancy,

I just wish I could get ALL unpacked! Still boxes to be emptied or returned to warehouse for WHAT Reason? That should be a NO!

Smiles, Cyndi