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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Fabulous Birthday and Surprises! They Got Me Good!

I thought my birthday would be a quiet weekend with my husband in our new cabin. Little did I know plans were made to surprise me with wonderful and thoughtful blessings from my family!
Last Saturday night we were sitting on the front porch just relaxing when on our gravel road I heard a vehicle coming our way. Now, we never see or hear a vehicle here unless it is coming to see us! I turned my head to look at the corner to our house and I could not believe my eyes! It was my daughter's car pulling their pontoon boat! They had called us earlier that day and said they were having trouble with the trailer lights but got them fixed and were going the lake. Faked me out! I thought they meant their normal day at the lake in Alabama. Not!

Here they were in North Carolina and the cover was on the pontoon boat. I thought good traveling idea to keep it protected from flying debris on the road. Well, when the uncovered it after they arrived, I saw my garden plants from Alabama. I had said I needed a horse trailer to get them up here as a U-Haul would be to hot and burn them up! They had traveled wonderfully and a sight for my sore eyes.

I had been having plant fever and had collected wildflowers along the roadsides to plant to have some garden plants in our yard. I also got eat up with chigger bites getting them and am still a week later scratching but not trying too. It is impossible when I wipe my leg to it and  get it started itching. They had brought our two cedar trees we had planted in pots and by our front door and also our garden table and chairs. We later had a pork chop dinner at the table and it was wonderful.

They also brought us my internet items I needed to re-list because I forgot them on our last trip to Alabama for our second load. Now, maybe I can sell more extra merchandise I have to make enough cash to go back again for a third trip. I am glad I hear the price of gas is going down.

They also brought me a dozen cupcakes from the newest store in Alabama than has lines out the door when she arrived to get them. They are (were) an assorted batch of various flavors and colors. Oh My, They are awesome, but sweet! You can really feel the sugar in the icing! Sugar buzz!

After that surprise they said they were taking us boating on the Hiawassee River which they had already contacted a marina and make plans for Sunday my Birthday. We were excited and I just could not believe that they were really here and all they had done for us. I was in tears many times this past weekend. We drove around the Hiawassee River all day Sunday looking for a better marina than the one they had contacted as it was a 45 degree angle to put in the boat and that was also the case at several other marinas we checked out. So, we never made it into the water on Sunday but we had a good time just seeing the scenery around the lake as we drove around it. We also went to Thunderbirds in Murphy for lunch that day and had an awesome lunch of deli sandwiches and they told Frosty (the owner) that it was my Birthday. I was so in awe when they brought me out a huge triple chocolate chip brownie cut in half and ice cream in the middle with caramel and hot chocolate sauce drizzled on top. Then, I even noticed then at the plate top was the name T Birds was written on the top of the plate. See photo below:

What an awesome birthday lunch with my family! They had planned to go back to Birmingham on Monday after a conference call my daughter had to be connected to with her work so they stayed longer than expected on Monday to take us to another boating site fun filled day on Lake Chatuge. The river access there was first - class, everything was all we could ask of a boating marina.

We spent several hours boating and riding around the lake on a beautiful weather day of 75 degrees and just lurking and spying on some beautiful homes on the water. We even found a sandbar island we stopped at for lunch and I got off and went looking for gold stones or whatever was available to find. I had seen at the Chamber of Commerce in Haysville that gold and rubies, plus other gems can be found on the lake when the water is down from the old gold mines in this area. And there are many places to go look. I do love stones anyway and always collect a few when I go see new kinds.

We even saw a seaplane at a house reminding us of Jimmy Buffet style of life. A "Manatees Protected" sign is a sure thought of him and his charitable causes. After a day on the water they left to go back home and my daughter had to stop again and make a call to her work around 5PM for something, they sure keep her tied down even on a vacation day with mandatory events!

When we got back to our house, I found a UPS package from my sweet Mother that she had sent from Missouri. She had told me to expect a box of books which is common for her as she reads fast and sends me good books to read so I am never in need of a new book to read. Well, when I opened it I only found two paperbacks, a Danielle Steele and a Nora Roberts book, but I did open my eyes in wonder when I saw a "Dept. 56 Snowbabies" box. Oh my, I used to collect them in the 1980's to 2000 every time a new one came out and it was also fun looking for retired "Snowbabies " before the internet sold them. I had to just look in gift shops when I traveled to find them at over retail price. IT was called:" The Little Diva and she is like a snowbaby overdressed in a floppy hat and oversized high heels carrying a big bag with a puppy inside while also holding a leash with a puppy dog on it! When I cried opening the package I had to clear my tears from reading my awesome card and seeing what she had sent to me for my Birthday.

 I just could not believe so much attention had been paid to me. They all use their phones more than I do to see emails, and check face book. They told me I had pages of "Happy Birthday Messages and when I finally read them last night I cried again. How many wonderful people wishing me a nice day had taken time to post to me their thoughts! I am just overwhelmed with new good thoughts on my life and the folks who care about me even if they barely know me.

We were both very tired last night but I woke up around 4 AM this morning and as I type it is 56 degrees outside and still dark. The cats and Bailey got up with me but quickly went back to sleep in various sweet spots they cuddle on. I now think Bailey has gone back to bed where it is even more comfortable.

This Tuesday will be a glorious day as I reflect on my special weekend with my family and thoughts. I had no idea this many folks thought of me and took time to write messages to me. What thoughtful gifts we received! We even have our old toilet on the back porch now like real hillbilly woodsy folks with no room inside for it. It is funny but they also brought us a new Higher Seat Jacuzzi Toilet for my husband after his back surgery and I admit it is nice. It flushes better and also my toes barely touch the ground making it easier for my husband to get up and down on it. This back fusion surgery and his osterioposis have really taken an effect on him making him retire earlier than planned and one reason we are here today. We had to find a less expensive home we could afford on Social Security living only. And, we are adapting!

This is a good way to wake up for a new day, I had my other new trip around the sun with my family and a glorious unforgettable Birthday Party weekend! Thanks for reading about it with me reflecting. This is one reason I blog. To share my thoughts even if only for me to make a journal of thoughts and reflections on days gone by.

My photos of My Birthday Day at the Lake Chatuge, Georgia  are at frstyfrolk on flickr


nancy huggins said...

What a wonderful B D for you deserved it and were due..I wish I could find a place to retire as nice as you have..It is O K here but no neighbors coming by except LL once in a while...I am soooo happy for you and all you went through to get out of was worth it right??

ByLightOfMoon said...

Thanks Nancy,
Don't get me wrong about neighbors, We have two fairly close but can't see either house due to the woods. This is a VERY Wooded area. I can hear a vehicle on the gravel road if coming but I could take a shower outside nude and not be surprised!

There are only 9 houses in this 88 acre subdivision and is a gated community.

Yes, I believe God led us here after we wanted so bad to come up here. It is small but our payment ability.

Thanks for your kind words!
Smiles, Cyndi

Tipper said...

How wonderful! A great b-day for sure : )

Cinderella Moments said...

Happy Birthday! What wonderful surprises you got. I can feel your joy by reading your post.
Next time you go in high grass all you have to do is take a hot bath right after. The chiggers don't like the standing water. Scrub and soak and I hear it works. I always do it and have never had any chiggers(knock on wood).
I hope you're enjoying your adorable new home. It sounds very peaceful.

ByLightOfMoon said...

Thanks Caroline,
I have deceided it is poison sumac as it is much worse than my very first bout of scratchy itchy rash I got earlier this year, at least that is what I have been told. I have used 1 1/2 bottles of Calomine lotion as I have no bathtub ( can you believe???, it was never installed upstairs) so I have have a finishing job to do or get a hottub( not a bad idea)! I sure to miss a hot soak in the tub.
Smiles, Cyndi

rpiyash said...

Your birthday was great . I liked your post.