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Monday, June 20, 2011

Kathryn Tucker Windham Rest In Peace

I saw this article about the death of Kathryn Tucker Windham and how she left instruction for her burial. She had even made her own pine coffin and had it ready with several prized possesions.
Her instructions were very unusual I thought, but it sounds just like her in following her life and how she lived! I have scanned it for you to see for yourself as I cannot describe the hot points I found interesting as well as you can see them for yourself in the last few paragraphs of her funeral instructions.

She did usually get her way and yes, these also were followed to her demand. No one changed any way that she asked to be buried. I just love her even more for this very well thought out buried after she died last Sunday.

From Drop Box

I also have added the mobile device reading I saw when I logged on today. In traveling lately, I think it might be fun to follow a few of my favorite blogs and while I am now totally able to read while riding, maybe I can review a few on either my I phone or my husband's iPad.

We are still looking for our little TV that I have lost since we went to Stone Mountain last year at least that is the last place we remember using it. We had cable when we went to the Gulf coast earlier this year but not necessary as we forgot the TV and now in looking for it, I cannot find it. This upsets me! We both forgot sort of ( not really) but when sw said our Garage Yard sale would run through Sunday we forgot it would be Father's Day so we have just left everything out to pack up tomorrow and if anyone drops by, they could hopefully just do the honor system at left we hope unless our dogs bark when they hear their car door close. NO matter, I have no idea how we are going to dispose of it all, It is not going back into my garage! So, I have some decisions to make as I really want to simplify for our move to North Carolina.

I really appreciate all my readers and love for you to comment so I know you have been here, even if just to say " Hi" to me. In fact " Happy Father's Day" to my readers and friends. My husband received his present ( EZ Pop-Up Gazebo) and presence of our daughter last Thursday as we started our sale on Friday and it was extremely helpful when the downpour rains started on Friday and this it has been very hot and humid since them. We also had a friend loan us his EZ Pop-up Gazebo also so we have two in the yard, it has been very nice of them as I know folks enjoyed a little shade when shopping our sale.

Oh My, it is 4:08PM and 101.7 on out thermometer!

Gazebo's down for downpours of rain

back open Saturday

Smiles, Cyndi


Regina said...

I hope your sale did wonderful. If we lived closer we would have come to shop. We LOVE to hunt for treasures. I do hope that you found your aggravating to misplace something.

Loved the article on Mrs. Windham. She truly was one of our treasures and will be deeply missed.


Dani said...

Being from the West coast, I had never heard of her but so enjoyed reading the clipping...she was a wonderful and interesting person.....hope your sale did well...we are getting rid of alot of things too.....with the kids growing up and leaving home...we find ourselves with too much....where in North Carolina are you moving? we have dear old friends in Beaufort....I've known my friend Sandi since high school..

ByLightOfMoon said...

Thanks Dani and Regina for your comments! We will be in the Murphy area just east of Chaatnooga and close to GA Border also.

We just love it there, the actual house we are looking to rent is in Warne, NC, we will have to get satalite for connections. It is in the mountains that we love.

Smiles, cyndi