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Friday, May 20, 2011

Another Day in Paradise!

The photos did turn out somewhat decent. I will show you what I have so far and we took more yesterday afternoon. The Girls(what we call my dogs and pet-sitting step- grandogs) plus one boy now, so the dogs had a ball yesterday in the river and playing in the field. The ran and payed frisbee, catch and go with each other and ever Miss Maggie got into the river which is sort of rare but, I know it felt wonderful as the afternoon heated up temperature wise. It is to get in the 80's today and 90's tomorrow.

Here are the Canadian Geese I saw yesterday morning with their babies;

Sorry , it was still kind of dark as I took this picture from across the street and I saw them again this AM also.

Here are the four Golden Retrievers;

And here are Abby and Emma in the river while Bailey and Maggie were still on the grass playing, Bailey does not care to get in the water yet, but we are hoping he will soon. Maggie I found yesterday just sitting to be cool like a queen on her throne.

Also, the mountain laurel photo I love so much! The second picture is in a small stream flowing into the river. It looks like little fairy boat umbrellas waiting for the fairies to load up for a trip down the river.


nancy huggins said...

Love seeing pics of the fur babies..I hope they are all protected for heart worm..My Maggie ended up with heart worm from going in her little pool to cool off.
It is warming up here too :)

hapi said...

Hi frstyfrolk/Cyndi, Nice blog! How to add the Glitter Effect Mouse Pointer to your Blog

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Oh, the babies are beautiful!