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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Crazy Quilt Scrappy Quilt Tutorial from Aneela Hoey

I love the email from " Craft Gossip"  I get about many types of bloggers who make all kind of goodness and then share their ideas with us.

I have shared this with you from Comfortstitching: Crazy Quilt by " Aneela, a fabric moda designer"

Aneela  also shared her button to put on your blog!

crazy scrappy block tutorial and a maybe quilt a long

Last week I decided I needed to start something new to keep my overflowing scrap box in order and there would no better way to do it than to start another crazy scrappy quilt.
I first started making these blocks here and here then wrote up a pattern for the first ever issue of Fat Quarterly - a version with a single gigantic block called the Bedtme story quilt.
The best thing about this quilt is it uses up all types of scrap shapes from squares to strips to triangles. No scrap is too scrappy for this quilt!
This time I'm hoping to make a much larger version with at least 20 - 30 blocks (that's how bad the scrap sitch is).
What I want to know is, do you want to join me????????
Below is the tute for making the basic block, along with a button if you care to wear it on your blog.  As an added incentive for you to get scrapping with me, I'll be holding a yummy-super-scraptastic giveaway!!!!!!!!! in a few weeks time open to all who are participating.

Crazy Scrappy block tute
For my quilt, I'll be making 11" blocks with each block using shades of one colour only, so if you want to do the same first sort your scraps according to colour.
To make your block, select a fabric for the centre, this piece needs to have 5 sides, so slice off a couple of corners if necessary.
Starting with any side you please, find a scrap that measures slightly longer than the side and stitch the two pieces together.  
We will be working around the block clockwise, so trim the excess from the next edge along in that direction, in the above case this is the bottom edge.
Continue working around clockwise in a log cabin kind of style, trimming and adding as you go.  I press my seams open after each addition to keep things as flat and neat as possible.
To stop your corners becoming too square as you go round, occasionally chop them off.  This keeps everything nice and vortex like which is what makes this block look different to the log cabin style.
It's also good to throw in pieced strips now and again, this will up the scrapilisciousness as well as bust down that scrap pile.
An 11" square ruler (if such a thing exists) would be great here but I don't have one, so I just keep going until my block is at least 11" square all around and then trim.
When you have finished your block, make another!
Then another!
I promise these are very addictive!
So the question is,
care to join me????
Button Code - 
Aneela shares this on her blog   

Smiles, Cyndi


nancy huggins said...

Wow Cyndi..I like that and I never made one because I couldn't figure out how to line up the made it look so simple.
I have been making raggy quilts since day after Christmas. I have 13 finished (for my family for Christmas 2011) I am starting to get burned out and might take a break.
The one I made for our bed is king size (12 rows across and 12 rows down) I am looking forward to seeing yours when you get it finished. Good are doing a great job :)

Pat Winter said...

What a fun crazy quilt! Love it! Thanks for visiting my blog, sharing the dfly tut and for the very nice comments :-)