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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Two for a Day

I have not got much done today that would be noticed by anyone but, I have worked in the yard and swept leaves and pulled weeds and tall grass I am too lazy to get the mower out, When it rains I have some grass to plant, but we have alot of just dirt out there.

I put some old foam rugs on the dirt spots as when it gets wet, it really gets sloppy out there and with two dogs of mine and two I am dog sitting and Lovin' it, I have to make special plans if it really does rain this weekend. Maggie and Abby came to stay with us while their parents have gone traveling.

We just love having them come stay with us and they are so good. Abby has been following me around inside and outside, I have combed her ears several times and I guess she knows it makes her more beautiful. She is a beautiful Golden Retriever and Maggie, her sister is a fine Delta Society Golden Retriever.  She is so mellow and loves just being with us. Abby and Emma played at the river house and it made me so nervous with them out of sight till I heard them splash in the water chasing the geese that fly in and out. The land just downstream and I love hearing them come and go. Bailey has never been to the river house and the water but one day soon.

They all play together with squeaky toys and chase each other except for Maggie who watches and thinks what are they doing now? I think she thinks that. She loves to be loved and I love to love her. Her fur is like a golden halo on her in the sunlight, it is so light blonde and she has a FULL thick Coat.
She also loves to be brushed!

She is an older dog who is a Katrina rescue and played with her sister Ally and our Megan and Jordan, Ally's paw-rents! ( grins)  I still have Jordan's ashes to take to the river where he loved to be as he has gone to the rainbow bridge with the two girls, Ally and Megan.

Also don't forget tonight is another history making night with Jupiter in line with the sun and this rarely happens.  I will get out the telescope tonight for viewing. It was beautiful last night as the photos on the below post show and will be again tonight.  We are getting surrounded by trees here though and have to wait till; it is up above them across the street from our house.

In the meantime Miss " Lily" is growing and fast as a racehorse with her bell on now, I do know where she is and can eve hear her during the night as we try to sleep. She is on the go and still so tiny.  Just cute as a kitty can be. a Tiger Lily, I never thought of that when we named her and we even have added LilyBeth to her name when Stern to her.  She will try to get anywhere and is following Bleu in the bathroom sinks, pawing and potty I suppose.  She does learn and have many fur parents to pattern after what they do.

Everyone is sleeping now and I have a few moments. I have so much inventory to add to my Etsy and Bonanza store. Did you know they changed their name from Bonanzle to Bonanza?

I have quite a few books and craft pattern books to load up, just need the time. Also many linens and buttons, lace, sewing notions. I will never be able to use all I have collected so I shall cut it up and try to recoup some $ with fat quarters or yard length sections. 

So many things can be made with small sections of fabric and notions. I also have many stamping and scrapbook supplies I need to go through. I have a store full probably if I think back to the times I went to JoAnne's, Hobby Lobby, and Michael's and just loaded my basket up. What was I thinking?

My craft rooms are so full it is hard to gather what is needed for a project and make room to work on it.
I do demand of myself more time to create for myself. I vow to myself to make time for it!

Here is Lily in a dozen package from Taco Bell box and my basket I carry to my consignment shop with my supplies and tags, etc. She fits in one end of it and it is only 18 x 13 inches and she curls up to nap in it.


3 dogs and Bob
Bob, Abby, Emma, and Bailey



I still have more outdoor work to do and hope for cooler weather soon, Please!
Smiles, Cyndi

1 comment:

homespun1 said...

your babies are just lovely...I have offered to crochet a cute sleepy kitty bed for your kitten. Please let me know about the size and color you might like..I'll see what I have in my stash.
When it's done I'll snail mail it for you. All I ask is you post a sweet picture of the baby in it when you can.