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Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Baby Kitten is growing

Emma is quite the proud Mother to the kitten she brought to our back door last week, in fact , one week today! Our back yard is wood fenced in and we have not been able to locate her Mother by asking neighbors if they have a lost kitten from a litter or seen a stray cat somewhere.  It is like the Mother Cat just vanished!

We even hooked up our baby monitor backwards to be able to hear outside what it sounds like inside with the meowing of the kitten and our other cats Blak and Bleu.  My neighbor who works for Two by Two rescue usually handles dogs but she said a mother cat would return looking for a kitten once so we tried to leave the noise of the kitten open to the outside.  I am still proud of Emma from rescuing the kitten from the over 100 degree heat we have been having here. It is just awful outside! Oh My, the news just said 115 degrees today!

Now, to the kitten progress report. She is doing fabulous. I have to admit I have been sitting still in one place better and I need to do that more. I have watched the news on TV while feeding kitten. and then sat to burp her afterwards. She is up from one ounce to two ounces daily and today we will start mixing the kitten food we have been paying $5,00 a can for to a dry mix we do ourselves. It is suppose to be 2nd step replacement food and my husband even had a friend from work ask her veterinary Dad in Italy for his recommendations.
He said to start dry kitten food as she will take it, so I leave some in her cage she sleeps in that she has become familiar with now.

When all the lights at night are turned out, she does go to sleep and I don;t hear a peep until she can ear me get up in the morning. Then she is furious for her bottle. We are heating  a yogurt container in the microwave  with water in it for 30 seconds and then sitting her bottle in it to get warm for her to eat.

She has also gone from teetering on her legs to walking fairly good and even trying to run. She is a joy to watch and has slowed me down to pay attention.  She was running sideways, rather kind of hopping like a bunny and now can go a straight line. She has her pathway she follows, she starts by the sofa where I have a lap desk pillow sitting beside where I sit for a lap top desk pillow. She can get inside  and under it where no dog or cat can get to her to hide and watch them.  Then she continues through it and under the desk where a board on the bottom protects her till she comes out the open side in the kitchen area by my computer.  In Fact, she is napping on my lap now after she ate breakfast.

Our rescue cats, Bleu and Blak follow her, mainly Bleu so I know she is OK with him unless she squeals and he is on her little tail too hard. He likes to play with her tail. Our rescue dogs, Emma and Bailey also work hard to clean her up after eating or sleeping, front and back end.   Bailey was a little timid at first as he has been everything new we introduce to him but he is now her best friend. He lays still while she romps over his big feet as he lays on the floor.

During the week she weighed 12 ounces , 14 ounces and now is 16 ounces, 1 LB already. She quits drinking her formula when she is full and it has gone from 1 to 1 1/2 to 2 ounces at a feeding and four times a day.

I suppose we need to find a name for her, as I have been calling her" baby" or "little one" !  Not good enough for her, if you have a suggestion, please leave a comment for me, as she needs something different. She is a black, grey, and touches of  brown tiger kitty.

She is getting very curious and looks around a lot. I have her playing with a felted toy I got the dogs to use as a pattern to make more myself.  It will hang if I find a good place but I have just been holding it up for now. It is about 14 inches long and just strips all tied together.

She still has the prettiest blue eyes and I hope she keeps them. Well, her cat nap is over, she just got down and she also plays with a cardboard scratcher that Blak likes.  She also as I look at her has started to climb. I have some books I was scanning yesterday and she can get to the top of the stack and on to my wicker magazine holder. From there she jumped down yesterday, but that scared me should she get hurt, so I made a walkway down with more books.  She is so tiny as I look at her around the tall cat pole we have that Blak and Bleu love to get on the top shelf to nap and see over the room. I think I can hang her felt toy there!

Smiles, Cyndi

If you will X the Super Pets paly, you will see the photos descriptions.


nancy huggins said...

That just melts my Heart Cyndi..was it your Dog that brought her in..I get the names of your pets mixed up. My DD found a kitten at the fair grounds when she went there with a neighbor and neighbor wouldn't let her take it in her truck so Nellie came home and got in her car and went back and found it and brought it home. Looks just like your new kitty and she named it "Lucky" and I think that would be a good name for your kitty too.
Make sure you keep us informed..I loved looking at all the pictures and hearing all about kitty
Hugs to you

ByLightOfMoon said...

Thanks for your comment Nancy, The Kitten really has been fun to have around, we once had a litter of 10 puppies but never kittens. She is fearless and all of our animals protect her while she os out of her cage.

Nellie is good to have gone back for her kitty. But, it is strange when they come to your back fenced in yard and your dog brings her to the door for us to find.

Blessings, Cyndi

papel1 said...

Being a cat lover I loved hearing about your kitten and the slide show was precious.

Anonymous said...

Make hay while the sun shines...................................................