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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dinner and a Movie!

You might remember my post of March 27, 2010 about "Alice in Wonderland" on DragonflyzDreams. My husband and I both had wanted to see it and we finally got to this evening. I was in awe the whole time of the movie! It was awesome but the cashier said she was not prepared for it to be dark considering the first movie made long ago that we all adored.

Well, we both knew Tim Burton has a crazy way about approaching his movies and so I guess I was prepared for it to be very different. And I love Johnny Depp but, his make-up was so good you might not even know it was him. In Fact, I thought all the make-up was fabulous and the costumes are so wonderful. I almost had trouble at the beginning of the movie when Alice arrives at her party trying to see all the background folks in such beautiful attire. I love the Edwardian period of dress with the big dresses, hoop skirts, hats, jewelry and the men's top hats, suits, ribbon ties and canes.

It was so inspiring I was ready to come home and set up my sewing workshop with lots of ribbons, pearls, lace, etc. and I was making a lot of mental notes!
I love the potion jars and the mushrooms are marvelous! I always imagine the world under mushrooms of being a fairyland so minute we cannot see it. All kinds of things can be happening there! Only in our minds can we see it, or maybe I should clarify that to be me. I do always and over the rainbows also.

I told the cashier I wish I had seen "Wicked" also when it came here as a play downtown. I should get the books and read them. Have any of you read the series of books? They are always better anyway; just more time consuming but wonderful escape time, yes!  I shall make a mental note to read more; I have to if I want to get it in. You would time, I make my own time, but housework and listing to sell and thinking of listing to sell does take a lot of my time.

I worked in the garage again Monday and last week also. I straightened up and organized more of what I have together so I can see what all I have. I know I have way too much of everything! I can't see I have done a thing except broom out the leaves and let in the allergy tree pollen dust. It is everywhere here. I was afraid to paint today and yesterday due to it. I have started to re-paint a table and some picture frames, shabby them up and get them to the Blue House for my booth.  I will just have to get to it when I can. I do have more sign ideas after this movie and jar labels in my head now.

This is definitely a movie I want to get when it releases to the public. I am just that way about movies I love; I want to see them over and over. I have several books about "Alice in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking Glass". This makes me want to re-read them also.

Let's see; more reading time, more cleaning time, more movie watching at home time. But, one thing! I have trouble sitting down and staying there. I had to take pain meds just to sit through the movie about one third of the way through. We also had a wonderful comfortable reclining chair with a foot prop at the movie and before that we went to dinner at Jim and Nicks' a famous BBQ place here in Birmingham and had pulled pork . It is delicious there. They also sat us in a big comfortable booth with fat stuffed cushions. Sometimes I just cannot be comfortable anywhere I sit. We met my daughter and son-in-law for my husband's belated Birthday dinner last week and those had wood chairs at Cracker Barrel about did me in. I kept sitting on one leg and then the other but my ankle bone was even hard to sit on. I just squirmed away and everyone understands except those around us who don't know I have Neuropathy and cannot sit like they can. Well, I don't care what they think really, I have to try myself to be the best I can be at it every day. And that means squirming, like Mother's tell their small children not to do. Giggle here and there; this is a personal blog, right? I have to be truthful to you or why write at all.

As most old ladies who are slow and walk with a cane to not fall, also to keep pressure off my feet just being on them hurts, so most ignore me. I did go out last Friday to get my husband a book he wanted available at Books A Million and there was barely standing room only on the sidewalks outside with the high school kids hanging out. They gather and talk and text, no bother to me! They really have no place to go on the weekends that is a spot for them to be to hang out with friends, so at least they are in public and safe I hope. Better than just our driving around.

Since I have been house-bound all weekend I also was in awe of the trees blooming outside. The wisteria is taking over and beautiful, the dogwoods are blooming and azaleas are trying too. My yellow jasmine on our fence is looking nice except I need to cut back what is coming through the fence, wild vines of some kind. They are taking the light from my rose bush and clematis.

Well, I have written a book again as I tend to do when writing an entry.  I have been blog wandering some as I meet new folks and see where they have been.

Facebook really opens up new places to see, visit and post. Then Twitter talks of them also when I see a new follower and see their sites. More time needed again...
you are all important to me!

I did find a new place on Facebook to sell whats in your closet, clothing and accessories. My clothing has not been doing well on Bonanzle so I got an account at . You can buy and sell there Vintage, Designer and Maternity, take a look! Manybe you would like to buy or sell there, Tell them Cyndi sent you (Frstyfrolk)

Smiles, Cyndi


Dani said...

glad you enjoyed the movie.....I like Johnny Depp, he always does a good job on whatever he plays in...but after seeing the previews, decided the movie was just a little too much for me..guess I'm just a traditional girl....his makeup was scary to this 60 year old...but I don't like clowns much either....

ByLightOfMoon said...

I am sure you loved "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" then! I did also, :-)

And Yes! the make-up was a little over the top but it had to be for this movie! Alice was the only one with a clean beautiful face.

Thanks for your comment!
Smiles, Cyndi