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Friday, March 19, 2010

My booth under the stairs is doing well!

Wow, I thought I had updated you on new photos as I added more to my booth. Sales so far, have been wonderful and I sure hope it keepup to pay for the booth next door next month plus some extra cash which in the whole point! Not to just give my things way which is what happened to me the last time Ihad a consignment booth. I was barely making rent the last couple of spaces I had. My space this time is inthe big warehouse part of the store which gets alot of traffic.

We took a vintage chair and white wicker baby changing table and twin headboard last trip and yesterday we took our Travel/Messanger bags that are so nice. They are very durable and the same company makes the dog crates we sell on

I have just had them  in my garage since a dog-sitting trip we made and got them as a warehouse closeout. I kept meaning to list them and never got around to it.  Story of my life!

I really thought my LIKE signs and Painted Stars would fly out also, but if not, I will list them on-line.
That is what I will do with all of it or auction it, I have to get this house cleaned out.

I wonder what any of you do with it if things do not sell or how long you give it. Of course, now is the time things are picking up with the weather getting nice, well, SOME DAYS!  We have gone back into a cooler spell and it is to last into this weekend with the wet word again to happen.

I still have some spring bulbs I need to plant. The dogs are digging alot so I may put them in pots but I better get them planted.  The plan today so far includes this. (Grins) But,my bathroom Amaryliss is going strong, all four blooms open and the second plant is not far behind. They are in my bath tub as good light there for the winter.  Yes, a pain to move when need that hot water, but worth it!

We also saw this Bradford Pear tree in Full Bloom on our way to the Blue House yesterday. They are just beautiful!

Well Have a wonderful day!
Smiles, Cyndi


Cinderella Moments said...

Congrats on your successful business venture! Glad to see spring is coming around your way! We've had the trees budding and flowering but this weekend we also got 8" of snow! Yes, I'm still in Texas(I think?).Well tomorrow it's in the 70s. So goodbye snow! Thanks for visiting the Bewitched house!

Sandra said...

It's wonderful how well your sales
are going and hope the shop continues to do well. Congratulations!

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SherryRoseBella said...

Thanks so much, Cyndi, for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog! I sometimes shop in Opelika, Montgomery & Brewton, AL. Is your shop near either of these towns? I would love to visit it! I am happy that you are having alot of success there!