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Monday, March 1, 2010

Come to the On-Line Yard Sale!

Welcome March,

For February being a short month it sure did seem like it took forever to get by. I have a feeling we will get some snow tonight. It just feels like it. I was out filling the bird feeders this afternoon and it was absolutley beautiful outside. I wanted to lie in the hammock and just watch the clouds drift by. Oh, How I love to do that!

But, I have way to many things on the docket to get done today so I can get outside and relax later. Our old bed comforter fits well on the hammock. I hung it out to air since it was not getting dry in the clothes dryer. It said to dry clean and I have put it in the dryer on air cycle just to remove the lint and Emma's dog hair where she sleeps in bed with us. I figured why not?, since we will toss it out or it would sit in the garage for a picnic day. I really think it will replace the one in the car from another bed change. We keep a comforter over the foam cushions for the dogs to ride on, but Emma likes to sit in the front seat. That Emma, she will try anything!

I wanted to invite you to a Craft On-Line Yard Sale, really you can find about anything there. I browsed through the shops alittle as I can't get into the chat room yet. This is my first time to be a vendor so I will just wait for the kinks to be worked out or whatever. It gives me a chance to invite you to come. It lasts 2 weeks till March 14th, so come back in often to see the goods that are sold changed around.

I have duplicates of many of my items. I got in a wholesale shipment and am delighted to share little bird nests and bird eggs with you. I have had trouble finding them, so I just grabbed it when I saw them. Of course, I als have my Rusty Crusty Bed Springs or Nodders as some primatives call them.

My spot in the Yard is DragonflyzDreams in the Altered Art area. I am the only one in that catagory so I have plenty of time to spend with you, get some lemonade, hot cocoa or tea and spend some time browsing among the fun things I have seen.

I also have added some new items to my Craft "DragonflyzDreams" shop at Bonanzle, some are the same as in the yard sale and some will be different.
As always, if you need to get several items I am happy to combine shipping for you with a message to me and your zip code.

I am also adding many new hats and fun items to frstyfrolk's Boutique. Give me a couple of days to get the Krispy Kreame Donuts and Hard Rock Cafe cotton shorts added.

I did not sleep well last night and am about to nod off to maybe I need a nodder! LOL!

Enjoy and browse to your heart's delight. I can't believe Ellen is on TV and I can hear in the background the crowd clapping and laughing. That means it is around 4PM and the school bus just passed by, gosh where has the day gone to?

See ya later,
Smiles, Cyndi

1 comment:

Regina said...

owwwwww I LOVE yard sales...treasure hunting of any kind is so much fun. I will be checking back in to see what you have added!!!