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Friday, January 22, 2010

And time will tell!

I have a bunch more aprons to take photos of since my earlier post this week and I will get to it. I usually upload them to my flicker Apron set as soon as I get them but after Texas last spring I had so many photos to go through, I guess I just missed them. I have most of my photos uploaded there since I love Flicker. I can log in and look and look at beautiful eye candy from earthly items like rainbows and trees to my friends art they make to even people I do not know from the links of comments is a wonderful way to see even more new things. Flicker has anything you might desire to see in someone's photo from around the world.

As far as my posting and listing items in my Etsy, Bonanzle and eBay areas I have been slack there also. I have been so busy still trying to get organized plus keeping house, as I have said for the last couple of years, Yes I have, and I can only do so much with the space we have and I do have a lot of materials, probably more than I will ever need. Maybe when I find what niche I like to work in the most, I will sell the rest. The best thing I can do is just stay home. When I wander I tend to buy and the $ has run out so has my credit so I am a shopaholic like the movie. Those coupons that come to me are overwhelming to me. So, Stop and work with what I have. Before I have even opened my Cricket machine is almost outdated. It is terrible how long I have had it and never used it along with all the cartridges I got. I also have a lot of jewelry items to make, and sewing, I like sewing by hand as my first choice.

I have GOT to get out my sewing machine and see if it still will work. I had trouble with the tension the last time and got frustrated. I have so many things in my head it is about to swell and blow. LOL!

We have been going to many Doctor visits since my husband was so ill last October after his second back fusion surgery in August. The last week or so, I have let him go himself. He is driving ok now and even has gone back to work. He went back New Years' Day and worked eight full hours. By the time he got home, he was in bed and hurting very bad. He finally got to speak to the back doctor and they got his hours shortened to four and then work up to six and then back to eight. He really did go back full time way to fast. HIs Functional Capacity Examination( FCE) did not specify this and the Doctor did not either so now after seeing the Doctor they got it straightened out.

We also saw the infectious disease doctor this week and his blood tests were back with much better numbers. Now the plan is to see if the infection is gone by stopping the antibiotics he has taken since the
Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection invaded his system from the August surgery. We learned this is the worst blood stream infection you can get,and to watch for symptoms, we sure do NOT want them to re-appear! If they stay away, Fabulous! If not that would mean it is on the hardware and it would have to come out. That was NOT even an option for me for it to be removed and another surgery, he has been through enough. Well, that option may not be my decision after a call he got yesterday. Our regular doctor sent him to UAB for an osteoporosis clinic since he has it so bad and they also did many tests including an X-Ray. The call was that the film showed the screws are loose already again and Oh No,I can't believe this is happening. It also showed compression fractures higher in his back so now he is being scheduled for a cat scan. He had no idea he had osteoporosis
before the August 2009 surgery and the doctor found it during the fusion when the bone he was going to use was unusable and he had to remove some extra bone to use from another site, I think the hip as that is the second incision site. Anyway, now we have told our daughter to get a bone scan ASAP as she has severe back problems also and has been told nothing can be done. She has been on pain management therapy with not much help.
I have mild osteoporosis but my husband's number is as bad as it can get. He take a forteo shot every day at a cost of around $900 a month, thankfully we do have insurance. But still, what a fee? well, it is a new drug and he can only take it for two years, one year down now and on his second year. That is all anyone can take it.

After the cat scan who knows what will happen? I guess we will see down the road. He could break a bone just picking up something so he has learned and so have I, the correct way to bend down (with your knees) and get something. He uses his grabber to get the paper from the yard if I forget to get it and get busy around here. It has taken a lot of getting use to with his not able to do all the things around the house he used to be able to do. Amazing how bad before detection. So drink your milk, that is another thing he learned to do at the clinic at UAB. They said he was taking too many vitamin supplements and to get it naturally is better. He was taking a lot of calcium and vitamin D supplements. Dairy, Fish and Sunshine is good for you, also walking to jar your bones to absorb calcium better. I am going to have to find a way to walk better and faster to be able to go with him. Since I am only able to tolerate sandels with my ortopedic insole, it is hard to walk very fast. Most are slip in and out of since I do take them off when I am not walking. I do have a pair with an ankle strap so I will try them next time he goes. I sure to do miss wearing socks and sneakers like I always did before I got neuropathy in my feet. And I an not diabetic as I am always asked. I also have a spinal stimulator in my hip made by St.Judes Hospital for which I am very grateful. It helps with pain but not enough to get me back in shoes and socks like I had hoped
it would. And Yes, I do have cold feet in the winter like this time of year.

We just do what we have to do to get by day by day. Thanks for listening.
Smiles, Cyndi


Elise said...

sounds like you are doing fine ! Happy Weekend

Sandra said...

Your plate and your hands are, indeed, full; you and yours are still in my prayers. Drag out that sewing machine so you can have a different focus every now and again.