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Thursday, December 17, 2009

It has been awhile ~ frstyfrolk ~ ByLightOfMoon

I have really got behind blogging this month but I have been making up ideas in my head and just not getting them put down here. One thing I was thinking and wanted to share was my love of real flour towels for drying dishes (now I understand the bartenders drying glasses all the time). We have hard water and my glasses come out spotty sometimes so I started drying some thrift store fabulous glasses I found to keep the paint on them better so they do not fade away. I even find a pleasure in drying my dishes and looking out my kitchen window, it is just alittle take me away time.

My husband is also still having Doctor appointments right and left. He has had three this month already including an FCE exam for his workman's comp. This is a "Functional Capacity Exam" to see what he can do physically about getting back to work, it has been such a long recovery from the back surgery, sepis and Pseudomonas aeruginosa blood infection. The infectious disease DR(another visit) told us this is the worst of the worst infections you can get and it can live in your bloodstream forever. He might have to take RX forever for it, but we hope not. Always watch for any sickness you cannot shake after a surgery or any blood cut even. This germ can live on anything an they can only hope to kill it in your bloodstream. They could even have to go in and remove hardware again, but we are NOT even going there.

We also went to the Police Office Funeral for Officer Philip Davis who was the first policeman ever in history to be killed in Pelham, AL. He was just shot for no reason that anyone can discover from a what is never a (routine) traffic stop. The man who shot him could have just signed the ticket and been on his way but, he chose another route he will never return from and two families will now never recover from. My husband got to see many of his co-workers and it was an ordeal to get to the memoral and funeral but it was so beautiful with full Peace Officers Funeral. Policeman form all over Alabama came and Fire Engine's held the American Flag high above the entrance to the Cemetary site. There were two Buglers', Bagpipes, Gun Salute, Horses',and some more we missed by arriving toward the end of the procession. I Have some photos on my flicker account, They are a Fine Tribute but many where taken from the car as we drove. People all along the route were standing at honor, flags flying, hand over hearts, salutes, showing their respect for this Fallen Officer and those other Officers attending. The procession was many miles long and very moving. Of course it rained, but no matter, just photos messed up with rain.

I have had a Christmas decorating project in mind and have been collecting some mittens and small objects for a clothesline I want across our fireplace as we have no mantel, Can you believe? We just have no mantel! I got the embroidered mittens from Dani of Eagle Wings and the felt mittens I forgot where, but the cute bird and ice skate came from Cracker Barrell. we went there for lunch after the funeral and I love to browse their gift shop. This little bird and skates are actually meant to be silverware holders on your dinner table, but then of course I like to get items to use for other purposes so I was quite proud of this find.The sales girl just looked at me, I doubt she visualized it like I did.

We watched another old movie last night, A Maltese Falcon" starring Humprey Bogart. And over the weekend we saw " White Christmas" and "Holiday Inn". I really enjoy the old black and white movies but I do also look forward to the Thomas Kincade Movie, " Christmas Cottage" this weekend on Hallmark Chanel. I love his paintings, so just to see them in action should be FINE!

I hope you are enjoying the week before Christmas!
Smiles, Cyndi


Dani said...

love to see the clothesline when you get it finished.....I always like to see how people use my tags..they are so versatile.....
I am so sad about the police officer...what a tragedy......prayers for his family and friends....

flour sack towels are the best!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

That's funny, I've been placing a LOT of T. Kinkade cards lately...Hallmark must have a deal with him. I love his work...

That's so sad about the law officer killed. We had four killed right next door in Odessa, some guy who, as you say, decided on a terrible path, no need for him to have done it...our neighbors are deputies and they are still pretty broken up 2 years's so senseless isn't it...

Thistle Cove Farm said...

My prayers are with the officers' family; such a loss and for what? It makes me angry.
Loved your post today, reading about simple chores like drying dishes; made me smile.
Merry Christmas
from Thistle Cove Farm.

ByLightOfMoon said...

Thanks for your comments, I appreciate every one.

I have been thinking more about the little things too like hand drying dishes and hanging a clothesline. Stop and smell the roses more often.

Smiles, Cyndi