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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Second Star to the Right

I hope you have enjoyed my slideshow. I enjoyed making it for you anbd I thank Denise for setting up this blog day!

Sometimes I think I live in a fairy world in my mind, I love staging events in my home. Part of that is my problem with having too much stuff, just everywhere, but I never know what I might need and I love having things I love around me. I will just never be one of the people magazine’s talk about that has everything in its place! I fight it everyday, trying to find room for all my STUFF! My other world, within my imagination!

I adore that fairies have wish rings in my garden, the mushrooms that grown in circles are fairy rings and I love to read my children’s’ books about fairies. My imagination is alive still at 59 years old, just like when I was a child if not more as it got lost in the everyday for many years. It is fantasy. I am not as good an artist as some folks I know as I am always staging. I change my scenery in my world as well as in my head. It is like I am moving in to my new abode everyday. I have piles of stuff I love. But the time has come to part with some of my visual fun things that I cherish. My abode will just not neatly hold as much as I collect. I collect in my imagination, but I have bins full of things I have collected. I might need it one day, well my bookshelves are bulging and magazines’ of past and future home d├ęcor and the everyday in the past years are overwhelming my abode.

I also have with my DH, adopted two cats and one dog we keep in our abode that are real and wanting attention. Blak loves me to sit in my chair by the window with one of my books. He wants on my lap or shoulders. Just to be with me. That is important to him and to me. That is why I adopted him, to love him, as he requires.

Blu on the other hand loves the outside. He must have been an outdoor cat before we adopted him and we promised NOT to let him outside in danger as that is how he was where he was to be adopted in the first place. He was injured from being outside and was harmed in some way that no one looked for him; no one missed him enough to cry out for him. He loves to be outside. He stays a lot at the windows and in the evenings, the frogs that live around or house and crawl on the windows fascinate him. He wants to see them and watch them. He adores that! SO it shall be. I can’t close my blinds to them so he shall have fun in his imagination watching another world around him. It exists! It IS! Blu is very vocal and meow’s a lot! He wants things outside his realm. He is curious! He loves the unknown. So do I! Thanks goodness Blu and Emma play paw-boxing, dog and cat like they are best friends; I guess they are best friends. Even when Barkley my grandog comes over to visit Blu loves him and Blak kind of just watches everything wanting the comfort of a human lap or shoulder. It is funny when I bend over for something on the floor, which we have, a lot of pick–ups with all the toys and treats they play with. They climb on my back and I feel like a circus performer with a being on my back that is balancing on me. I just hope their claws have been clipped. Another thing with animals living with you is to not have love scratches, but I do.

My point is to include all in your world, your imagination and your being. Enjoy every touch. Enjoy every thought and smell (Well, except the litter box) Enjoy your God and your life as it passes fast. It could end tomorrow or today and be ready. Never take anything for granted. Tell the people you know you love them. JUST DO It as Nike first said many moons ago!

Enjoy your trip to the “Second Star On the Right”! It is there even though not as prominent as the Moon and the other Stars but it is there. Let it be in your imagination. Make today be the day you wish upon that star, May it bring you fabulous memories and something new to enjoy. It doesn’t have to be what you have heard of before. It is New and enjoyable.

Use your imagination today!
Smiles, Cyndi


Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy!
what a beautiful post! I enjoyed watching the slideshow of all your magical things, and reading about your animals. imaginations are wonderful!
thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment.
:) Missy

fawndear said...

Dearest Cyndi,

I'm taking my imaginary fairy petal hat off to you. What an enchanting post. I too surround myself with treasures of my imagination both real and in thought. And as long as we both have that magical imagination the fairies will continue to be very real.
Thank you for sharing your delightful personality, your treasured animals and photos. I hope your DH is on the mend.
And thank you so much for being apart of our adventure to the Second Star on the Right! It's been a pleasure getting to know you.


daylily777 said...

I have enjoyed your enchanting slideshow and I agree life would be dreary without imagination. I enjoyed you sharing about your pets. Thanks for joining my party and leaving the sweet comment8-)
ps, I pray that your husband will be better soon.

Denise said...

Thank you for sharing your magical art...I loved it! Also thank you for your kind words about my Forgotten Fairies. I have a give away of one of them going on over at my blog now:)
Thanks Again...
Dancingly, Denise
the home of Maine's Forgotten Fairies:

Beth said...

Hi Cyndi,
Your slide show was very enchanting and I loved it with the Willie Wonka song on your playlist! My girls all sat around with me and we were swept away by your sweet thoughts about magic and imagination. We also like to surround ourselves with all the little things that inspire us.
Thanks for sharing!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

It is a real gift to have a rich and satisfying inner life. And to be able to view the outer life thru the lens of the inner one.