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Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Blog Post from the Junk Gypsies, My Yesterday!

This post got too long for the word # limit so I share it here also, Smiles, cyndi

Good Morning Sister Junkers!

I found some awesome VINTAGE yesterday. The day started out with a visit to my DH DH back Doctor about the back fusion he had, they may decide to take out the screws from fusion to see if better relief form pain.

Then he had a dentist appt in downtown Birmingham and he usually drives himself, but with his new meds he asked me to drop him off and then pick him up for no far walking from parking garage. Oh, I just hate going downtown. NOW, I WILL live to take those words back. I think I love downtown!

There are tons of old empty buildings now and many have been renovated to lofts that no one can afford unless you are an attorney and what a space to stay overnight before a court appearance.

Anyway, I dropped him off and said I was going to a new flea market mall I had heard of with the hopes of securing a new site for my garage full of stuff! Well, I found this place and it is rough looking but has hope! The folks there were so nice and wanted me to sign in right then and there. They even said they would keep an eye on my booth since I live so far away. Well, what to do?? But, I left with a buggy full of more Stuff! Oh No, that was not the intention on the visit. I have done it AgAiN! I Have spent $$$$ , Oh, ShaMe on ME!

Well, he called me he was done early so he had to wait in me to return to get him, which he did patiently. He knows me to well! I should have stayed close to the downtown area, as I wanted to find a gallery I had read about that has photographs of our Cahaba River lilies. IT is Ca-Ha-Ba- with long A’s to pronounce it. Many not form around it say it wrong. Well, these lilies grow in several places on the river and are very rare to find The first photographs this artist did was 20 years ago when she camped by the site to see the morning dance that happens every day but, you have to be there to see it. With my love of dragonflies, this just encourages me to be there! Maybe if not in person, in a photograph she has taken.

Well the story continues of my day as after I picked up my husband we decided to see if we could find the gallery, as I knew it was on 2nd Avenue. But, we have a 2nd Avenue North and a South also. SO, we tried the North one first as it was the closest to. It goes One Way -> so we drove on 3rd Avenue <- another one-way street to get past where we thought it might be and then get on the one–way street 2nd Avenue and looked at shops. This is not really the gallery area but I found this shop with all this STUFF outside like you have to go inside to see what they have.I parked right by the front door and DH stayed in the car. I was just going to be a minute.

Well, I walked in the door and the woman was phone. I did eyes big and WOW in silence to not disturb her, but waved to let her know I was amazed. What a Place to dig around while DH waits in the car for me. Oh Me, Oh My! I connect with these shops, it had so much to look at, things were everywhere and it went three stories high.

I started down the left side of the shop and told myself I would return on the right side so I would see everything! Oh, I found so many beauties! Inside the front door was the beautiful glass hook like knobs. Very art deco and maybe they are knobs. I make a mental note to ask her when she gets off the phone. So, I continue. So many old vintage things…. Everywhere, up, down, all around! My eyes scan the shelves, the floor, all over! They have lots and lots of postcards and vintage photos of Birmingham from long ago. This will have to be another trip; I will just look at the shelves, floor, ceiling hangings, the little stuff that is inexpensive.

When the owner lady got off the phone she came over to me and said HI. Of course I rambled on like I do always. A RaMbLer is a good name for me! (Grins) to the Junk Gypsies, I am a member of the Blacktop Rambler Café.

Well, we chatted and she told me her other half used to travel for a lot of the Great things they have and now it just comes to them. The have 95% of the shop as theirs’ and a little artist consignments. I recognized them as I saw them, mostly handmade art. I did take a few photos with my phone but I wish I had started out taking a whole lot more from the entrance and cks, my chome; I know I shouldnever leave home without it.. It turns out the little art deco glass knobs I saw are really form the chandelier above which I had not noticed, Awesome Beautiful, SO glad she showed it to me, but I didn’t even ask a price. Just enjoy the moment with it.

I ended up leaving with many great finds, and some vintage magazines with beautiful ads and photos.

I will be sharing them as I get to look through them. I met another woman up on the third floor looking for a magazine from a certain year. She explained that she gets them as birthday presents when she can find them. What a fabulous idea! She was looking for 1957, and I bet she found it as when I left she had an armful of photos and magazine with a few books to leave and come back tomorrow, (That would be today) to get for here husband birthday. She also was getting a vintage cigarette outdoor thermostat sign for him. She said he had stopped smoking but this was his gift. Thanks goodness he had quit.
Somehow, I made it though life NOT smoking. I suppose it did due to my DH not like it, Thanks DH, Bob!

I am so excited to get to look through my bags today, as I left them in the car last night. We stopped for tacos to bring home and I was beat. I went to sleep watching TV and woke up this AM to the cats playing in the bathtub off the bedroom. IT has several things in the TUB to keep away from Emma, well, now the cats find it so I have another job today. Cleaning out the bathtub!

Later, Cyndi


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Well that was a very full day you had! I love poking around shops, too...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my neck of the woods.I enjoyed your recount of your 'take a quick' look experience. I understand perfectly. Come again sometime. I think we share some interests. Blessings

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Cyndi, you are just too much! We would make great shopping partners ----- maybe not as we would be fighting over stuff all the time! The whole time I was reading your post, I was wishing I was in the car with you. If I were, your poor husband would still be sitting on the curb waiting for your return!!!!!