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Sunday, July 19, 2009

A day with my Friend, Ann!

Many thanks for all of your special comments! I really appreciate your visiting to see my wanderings!

Yes, This is what I purchased, I like to collect it all together when I get home and take photos to remember what I got and where it was from. I do need that shopping block!. Boy, I really do! Yes, I love Jackpot finds, and I do talk to everyone around me when I get excited. Do you do that?

It is fun discovering new places! But remember, that photos continued to other items I have on flicker when I made the slideshow.

I did go back last week after I met my dear friend Ann, who was in town for nose surgery. We went shopping the day after her surgery and before she returned home to Florida.

We were shopping buddies back in the 1980's when we worked together. We just hit the malls at lunchtime mainly to buy clothes to work in. What a loss, I should have been purchasing Vintage!

Anyway I got two Vintage tops at a store I have been wanting to check out and before I met her, she had done some major damage at TJ Maxx, Stein Mart, Home Depot and Tuesday Morning. She just retired and is buying casual! I love that for her. We have visited together over the years after she took a job in Florida and every time we get back together it was like yesterday we last saw each other. It was SO good to see her and EvErYOnE, please! Do wear your sunscreen as she and I both have had nose surgery to remove cancerous lesions and hers was worse than mine. She is on her 6th surgery and will be back in October for another. I hope I see her at the beach before then.

It was pouring down rain and we just splashed our way to the doors. I will have to return and get a photo of the super sculpture outside the new shop I discovered. Oh, I wish it had not been raining so I could have got one then. I know if I return I will go back inside and probably find more. It is a consignment shop for mainly clothing and jewelry. I love my two tops I got there and $15.00 for both, a good deal!

After I left her, I went back downtown to see the “Lite Box Gallery” where the Cahaba Lily display was being shown and Oh shucks, the artist in my post below, “Beth Maynor Young” had taken most of her prints to another site for the day but will be back to another shop I found later this month that was next door to the Bastille Day window at Zoe’s.

I did take some shop displays photos and tried for the shop windows, The store, Zoe’s had an awesome Bastille Day Sale and they did a really BeauTiFul Display of Marie Antionette ina very special window. I am taking it thru the window so have some glare. But, I stared at it for a while standing there in the rain, it was awesome! I shall show it to you below,
Smiles, Cyndi

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