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Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Estate Sale Finds last weekend

These are photos of the things I got last weekend at an estate sale close to me. I arrived around 1 PM and she closed at 2PM so I thought I Might find some fabulous sales, NOT! She did give me some bulk discounts on the table linens and extra 2 bucks off all three, But, She was set in her prices. She is not yet moving, just downsizing she told me. I was the only one there and oh My, what a goldmine!

We chatted as I looked around and she had fabulous wood furniture, tables, hutches with fine china, all very well taken care off, even three butter churns. I wish I could have just bought the truckload and had room to keep som eof it or a showroom for the rest. This time I find a really found a nice estate sale with really nice items! If Only!

But, I did not plan to spend alot as I am trying to curb my buying but we chatted and she told me the history of many items. She gave me the book on The Village Blacksmith since I had not read it but when I brought it home, my husband was aware of it. Nice find!

Many of the small ceramics, she had bagged up in zip lock bags , so I ended up getting several when she said she would take a check,. Oh, I should leave my checkbook at home. The little blue and white shoes were on a hutch and priced indivually but I loved them, and I almost forgot them, they were on my second check along with Santa Clause her ex- sister-in-law had made for her many years ago. I hope she remembers me when she really does move. Her house was an old Vintage Arts and Crafts style like being built around here in new subdivisions. This is the real thing. She lives right in main downtown area of a small town I love, and she wants to get closer to her son. He must have helped her with the sale and pricing but, she was a whip with memory and better than me.

She used to travel and collected the small ceramic pieces of dogs, cats, etc. in the bagged lots. They were all just too cute! She also had the most beautiful green vase and it was a known brand like Wedgewood or Majolica and $95.00. I am not good on brand names but It was beautiful. I loved it and should have got that one item instead of many small but I loved the tablecloths and extra pieces too much. Maybe I can go back and get it one day.

I wanted to show you since I featured the small ceramic shoes in the Junk Market post I did last week and sent it in to be published. I love Sue Whitney and saw her on my visit to Round Top, Texas last spring. I also got her two books and am inspired. See my post below for the links.

Well, I better get going; the sun is rising and the day is starting.

Smiles, Cyndi


Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

Great finds! Awesome adventure! Thanks for your slide show!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

OH MY those little plastic deer in the foreground of one of the pictures...PLASTIC DEER ARE "DEAR" TO MY HEART, LOL...always skulking around estate sales in the hopes of finding them...those and the flocked plastic...I have a whole herd of them on display year around, what the heck if a few are sporting Xmas bells on their little necks, only 6 months to Christmas, LOL...

You done good at that sale, dearie!!!

Dani said...

you found a treasure trove...I have one of those Santa mugs..made the mistake of putting it in the dishwasher one time..never again as some of the paint came off...just favorite are the vintage flat mom had a small collection that has disappeared. I think it got lost in storage.....are you going to sell any?