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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day 2009

I wanted to share some photos I took in our back yard of these cute blue birds. They are a daily event, see the bird in the box looking out in the third photo down, sitting in the nest in the box! Darling, they are so good about watching the nest. They try to run off the blackbirds that try to stop by and have been doing a pretty good job. I guess they are used to Emma being out their. They don't like it to well when we try to sit out their under the canopy for beach or camping that we put up in the backyard. I also picked up these ball moss once i discovered in Texas that grew on the trees and then dropped to the ground. I picked them up and even bought two wire baskets to keep them in till we got home. The third wire basket I picked out of the dumpster at a rest stop in Texas. I had no idea why, just didn't want it in the landfill and as I do so much, I figured it would find a place doing something. I just had no idea how fast I could use it. That evening we camped in a beautiful campground that had the Spanish Moss of Louisiana hanging in the trees and falling to the ground. Well, guess what, it is full of that moss from the grounds. Now, the trick to keeping it alive it NOT to water it too much! That was an awesome campground and we plan to go back. We were camped on a cut-out in a cliff that we could see the river from the doorway in the trailer. It was very chilly that night so we had a little fire again and then went to bed to read as we had done in Texas. We had by this time not missed the TV we lugged with us as no reception in TX. If we ever take another , I will be much smaller. We took the 13 inch we had in our other RV in the bedroom and even took the new antenna for the TVs when they changeover this year. Never again! Too much room and really no where to put it to watch it anyway. I have a wicker table in the tiny trailer, but I really do not want that heavy TV on it. I got it a a thrift store and a little wobbly, but light to move around when needed.
I also saw this web-site this AM in my mail. I adore Design Sponge and it kind of profiles the cactus that needs less water. Look how they display it, you will love it! Do something Eco-friendly today if it means new light bulbs, plant a tree or bush for shade, or article or clothing you purchase.

Smiles, Cyndi

1 comment:

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

The moss has got me homesick!!!

Your little bluebirds sure are lovely.

I agree with you, recycling and just plain using less is an excellent idea!