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Saturday, February 14, 2009

One World, One Heart Winners!

I want to thank Lisa for hosting this event again this year! It is fabulous and OH so Many nice awesome blogs I have seen, and WILL re-visit!

I hope I see all of you again before next year!

Here is the random number generator I have used and here are the Magical Winners it chose!

The Faerie Whysperer

Whispering Poppies

I am so sorry for not selecting on the 12th of February, the day chosen, I got overwhelmed with my etsy shoppe and then had errands with my Dear husband, his off day from work. I actually forgot it was WINNER DAY!

I will post on your blog to send me your addresses!
Many thanks for participating!

Congradulations to all the winners in this blog event!

I hope I see all of you again before next year!

smiles, cyndi


The Whispering Poppies said...

WOW! I am so thrilled to have won your giveaway!!! You've made my day!!!! (I am playing "nurse" today to three members of my family who are under the weather.) This sure lifts my spirits!!! Thank you!!!! I will email you my info; and thank you for your kind note on my blog! =) Happy Valentine's Day!

AwtemNymf said...

Thank you SOOOO much Cyndi for my goodies. I love my prize from your OWOH give away! The seeds and EVERYTHING will be perfect when I build my faerie garden this year! PERFECT!!! Now it's a waiting game and waiting for the frost to subside so I can plant the seedlings. I'm so excited! Thank you!!! And the mushy ornament will go nicely in my faerie 'dedication' area in my crafts room! I love everything! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

ByLightOfMoon said...

I am so happy you enjoy all your gifties you won. The seeds packets were added as a afterthought, when I saw them. I got one for you, one for Whispering Poppies, and One for me of each! Kind of like Tic, Tac, Toe!
Enjoy them, I love your faerie garden photos.