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Friday, January 9, 2009

I am behind!

in posting to my blog, So sorry, I have had my head in way to many things, this and that! My Mother had surgery Wednesday to have her gall bladder out and my friend Cora also had her breast cancer surgery the same day. I was thinking of going to Missouri to be with my Mother and making plans when she and my brother said NOT to Come. They are saying they have things handled and come when it is warm and pretty instead of now, so I will abide although I feel like I should be and want to be there. My Mother is 78 but doing fabulous. I did go last January 2008 when she had another surgery and stayed a couple of weeks. It was just a fabulous time to be with her and she recovered beautifully then also. ALot of spunk in her. I just hope she is only resting and letting herself heal as she should be. My brother has been wonderful all year to be with her and help her out but some things only the girls can discuss.

I have also been trying to rid this house of all the ebay to sell. I may just have to give it away. I need a clean start so I can have time for my art and pleasures I have lost to spending so much time on-line.

We finally have beautiful blue skies today and 45 outside so no reason to not open the garage door and clean it out! Away! Forever!

Emma and Jordan are playing in circles, barking, squeaky toys and lots of noise by these two dogs. Jordan has started playing more with Emma, like the wrestle on the floor. I am so glad to see them playing together. I have been saving some photos to post on Emma's blog about here tearing up here toys and she is really going through them. I sure hope her teething quits sometime soon. We give her lots of bones to chew on( not real) and she loves the squeaky toys. In fact, she got alot for Chritsmas and only a few are still in one piece. She even chewed the ears off Jordan's reindeer toy. I find the stuffing all over the house abd have bags of it to refill and sew back( will that day ever come?)or toss. Being the pack rat I am I can't toss it.... But , I have to learn! They still have good parts, I jusy can;t put them in the landfill if there is anyting else to be used for.

Anyway, I wanted to say "HI" today! I am making progress!

Smiles, cyndi

1 comment:

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Wishing your Mom a very speedy recovery. Good luck with your clean start....I think I need one too!