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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A simple Wednesday, Veteran's Day!

a href="" target="_blank">Remembrance Parade Pictures, Images and Photos

Birmingham has a big Veteran's Day parade today. I love parades and I hope they get in in before the rains come that we are to have the rest of the week.

I Missed my Simple Kind Tueday post yesterday but On thinking back I did do several things which I would do anyway. I wsa in a store and I little boy was helping his mother carry their purchases. AS they walked past me, he said to his mother that he was a big help to her by helping he carry am armload for him. I replied to him, " Yes, You are a big boy to help Mother like that, I know she appreciates your help" and he just grinned and say "Yes,I am" to me.

I would say that so someone anyway or how pretty their dress is or scarf. Speaking of a scarf, I got some yesterday to list in my ebay and/or website store"dragonfly Dreams". I got a good deal so I purchased four. One for me and three to share with others and sell. Cute black velour with crochet edging. I also got a blue stripe just for me.

I also came across more Vintage Craft, Knit and Crochet magazines, I must have got about 40-50. I can;t wait to look thru them, share photos on flicker and list them for someone who can knot or crochet to use them for patterns. Maybe I can get a crafty tip here or there. What goes around is coming back around in Home Decor and Fashion.

Well have a good day to all who pass here.

Smiles, cyndi

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Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Hi Cyndi! Sounds like you've had a lovely day.

Thinking of you with care,