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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Time Flies!

Hard to believe today would have been my father's 80th birthday today. I have thought of my family alot today. He died very young of a heart attack but he did see his grandaughter for 6 years. I know it hurt my family when we moved away when she was only two but, jobs called for change.

My family came to Alabama for her 6th birthday and he gleaned with love for her and to see us and know we were ok. They saw our home and her friends to know it was ok as he passed that fall. We had her Birthday party at the park and all the playmates from kindergarten came.

My parents and three of my Brothers all rode down in one car for only their second visit to Alabama. We had always gone back to Missouri for holidays and great times.

We showed them some fine places to eat and they talked of that for years, still do!
Lloyds in the Narrows then, Ollies BBQ (nothing to Jim & Nicks's now), Oak Mountain State Park, Vulcan Towers over the city, and oh, I rememeber the night we went out while they babysat my daughter and my dad could not figure out how to turn off the TV. Why in the world did we have to turn it to Channel 3 to turn it off? No cable then, no VHS tapes, no satalitte TV even thought of! I believe he just left it on if I can rememeber. They even brought little Snoopy dog! I almost forgot, he chewed up the bathroom wall while sleeping( well, supposed to be sleeping) in there to stay out of anything to get into. Oh, if we had only had a dog crate for him in their bedroom. Never even thought of it at the time. Of course, it would have been a big steel fence like frame and they had no car room for that.

We had a St. Bernard at the time who slept in the basement or at the top of the stairs. Well, memories, Jordan is wanting me to come to bed, he whines and paces for me, ( sweet Golden retriever that he is) , ok I am coming!

Later world,
smiles, cyndi

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Jen at Visions and Verses said...

I've been in the same, sentimental place. My Dad would have turned 77 next week. We were doing some home improvements this weekend, and that always makes me think of how much better he would have done it. And as I sat photographing all the birds at the feeder today for nearly an hour, I thought how I used to tease Dad when he did that. There's a part of my brain that keeps expecting him to come back if I wish hard enough, but then I remember I'll just have to wait until Heaven...;0)