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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Good Day Sunday

I had no idea that twitter could take me to my blog. I wonder if anyone knows me here, as I am frstyfrolk on ebay with my store frstyfrolk's New and Vintage Treasures. I also blog here as ByLightofMoon and my husband and I just opened our webstore for your Number 1 Pet Products you need for your loved doggies,kitties, and yes bunnnies also (grins).
I am an ebay member of Selling Tips Group and I learn alot from this group as well as we are a group on twitter.

Our baby Golden Retriever " Emma" has her own blog at Bob and Emma's

She needs to be crated still at night and if we have to leave her home which we rarely do, and all puppies need a good crate anyway, our store has Large and Medium Travel Crates which everyone should have. It can also just be a home crate but then if you go ANYWHERE and want to take your pet, it is an option and very easy to carry. It even has it's own travel bag and it just folds kind of like the canvas chairs do. You can even use in in the car and at your destination. I would recommed to not carry your animal in the crate , they should always be on a leash when moving around in the car, just in case she gets out somehow and it might be easier to catch her with her purple leash and we do intend to microchip her this week.

She is so cute, please take a look at her and her blog and also visit our new web-store

We will be having a grand opening giveaway so please sign up for the newsletter and we will have a random drawing November 1, 2008, so Halloween is the last day for you to register for our first Monthly giveaway!

We have not yet decieded which Pet Toy to give away, but it will be a nice ABO Buffalo suede toy,
suede toy.

We welcome your visiting and shopping with us.
smiles, cyndi

1 comment:

Marie Reed said...

My parents just got a new puppy! I'll send them the link to your pet store!